New Catalog

I'm the last to the party, but the first to post... The new catalog is out.

Thank you SOC! You are saving me a ton of money this fall!

I guess someone will like those Cabs, but not me. Ugh. And WOW! A Ripper! In blue! No way! Woopdy freaking doo.

At least Creature, Black Label, Foundation, and even freaking Girl ( are looking out for us old schoolers this year...


  • You would think with Stacey being back, that the catalogue would be incredible - NOT SO MUCH in my opinion. OH well, I guess they don't like money.
  • Yeah man this is bullshit! BULLSHIT
  • I come back to find the highly anticipated fall catalog filled with the same stuff that was already out! Ugh.
  • But guys, at least we can all get the fooking Bones Pea Coat we've always lusted over. Bwahahahhahahahaha!
  • yeah this catalog sucks. hello???? does anyone work at powell peralta?? im starting to think its run by robots. that would only make sense.
  • wow. wonder if the buyers or retailers visiting the booth at ASR are as bummed as the masses out here. sure was a lot of build up...
  • Yes robots. Robots who don't want our money.
  • wow I didnt expect so much smack talk
    but really is this a joke
    did they expect people to be happy with this?
    they couldnt even change the color of some of the decks like the cab street
    ;_; damnit
  • haha guess im the only one who digs it
  • ^^^ you must be in your twenties - and i mean no disrespect by that. (insert laughing emoticon)
  • lol im a new schooler so that is why im not with the lynching mob
  • Damn, I thought there would at least be something new in the re-issues... Guess we'll be waiting for the spring catalog now.

    Seems to me that doing the re-issues would be the easiest to put out. All the artwork is already done, the shapes have already been designed, all you have to do is choose the colorway. I imagine these are done in limited runs already, but it seems they would sell more if all they did was change all the colorways each catalog. For guys like us on this forum, we would all buy more decks if we thought they would only be available for six months...
  • I really like that everyone and their mother has signed the Mcgill snakeskin petition and the reissued the same goddamned Pig Mcgill. 2 new cabs really???? I aint buyin nothing until they start coming out with stuff that people actually want.
  • I'm a new schooler too - when I ride for real (as opposed to cruising a bowl), it's a popsicle. But it's usually a Girl/AWS board. And I ONLY ride Bones STF wheels. I couldn't care less that there are new graphics on the wheels - they wear off in a couple of sessions.

    At the same time, I collect the old school reissues, because that's what I grew up with. I don't get excited about building an everyday rider - I get excited about what I'm going to do with it. I buy what I can get for cheap. On the other hand, I DO get excited about boards I collect.

    Hence the disinterest in what's new, and the disappointment in what's not new.
  • Well my computer keeps telling me that it cant open the download and that the file type is not supported but i guess im not missing anything. Sounds like powell needs to get with it and start producing some exciting stuff. Im a huge PP guy and im more interested in the OG stuff but as a huge fan i would like to see them doing cool stuff buts its just not happening. Bummer. OOO
  • Zowenso - literally the only OG-like item that's new is a 8.25 popsicle ripper in blue. That's it. Everything from last Spring basically carried over.
  • use adobe acrobat reader or go to google and download a pdf program i think there are some online pdf viewers
  • I agree with OldSchool on the color thing.....Wonder if they're gonna try a limited run/colors on some of the reissues like SC did with the jesse neptunes?
  • guess u gotta wait to find out
  • don't bother downloading it. =(
  • What a bloody letdown!! All this time for that!
  • honestly... I only ride new school boards now.. But I still collect
    oldschool boards and will continue to do so. I'm dissapointed in the new catalog
    just like everyone else but... I think the real reason they arent making any new colorways
    for the oldschool decks and anything because they are still sitting on stacks of the
    old ones. I could be wrong but.. Thats my guess.
  • Your probably right Nick, but it would be nice if someone could shed some light on why the catalogue is a yawn.
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