Independent Bearings - Better than Bones Swiss!

I don't believe it, but that's the claim. BearingGuy or anyone else - care to respond?


  • whaaaaaat
    i have a hard time believing those controlled conditions test. i bet if powell did one theyd be at the top spot too.
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    lets be honest..vintage indys are cool for old school decks. and by that i mean thier trucks.thats it. thier new school trucks are crap compared to tensors, they are too heavy in my opinion...and no one makes better bearings than BONES. period.the end.
  • Nick I agree with you on the bearings, however Indy's new trucks are great IMO. Sure they aren't quite as good as say stage 3's but they turn better than any other truck period. For street or back and forth parks Venture, tensor or any of the others will do, but for pools, bowls, Vert and other tranny skating Indy beats all. Plus they grind and hold up better than any other truck as well.
  • Yeah, you lost me there Nick. Indy for life when it comes to trucks. They are heavy because they pack them full of shred.
  • "They are heavy because they pack them full of shred. " thats pretty cool.
  • Independent trucks rule

    with Bones Bushings (soft)
  • seriusly.. just skate a pair of tensors. you wont go back. =)
  • tensors dont grind worth a shizzle terrible terrible trucks if i had to choose between indy and tensor id go with indy even though im not a fan of indy either but i love thos chrome stickers they have
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    man its good to see everyone else talking bout somethin else besides the catalog. =)
    and sorry.......but ive never had a problem grinding with tensors. rodney mullen invented them..have you see him skate? they are super light 2. so what trucks do you skate bill?
  • I recently changed from Tensor magnesium lows to regular stage 10 Indys.The Tensors were super light but didn't turn to well (even with soft bushings), do grind well but cause magnesium they ground down to fast and the pivot cup (not the bushing) wore away leaving a truck that felt like it had loose deck bolts when you skate.I will proberly buy a set of normal Tensor lows next to see if its only the magnesium that stuffs up the baseplate.I must admit though its fun having a set of trucks that can turn and carve with response the Indy's are rad. Oddly enough I think the Tensors were named Response.
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    yea mullen is sick as fudge and i skate destructo,krux,titan,venture the one trick that blows my mind from him is the half heelflip varial to railstand that is my favorite trick to see from him
  • yeah i hear what your only beef with them is the same with every other truck..the stock bushings. i actualy have doh doh's in them and after they broke in a little bit they feel really comfortable. they just feel really stable to me and more perdictable.i just got a pair of spitfire 101 hardness wheels with the core's...holy $h#7t are they fast on masonite..almost too fast if there is such a thing. i always used to knock spitfire..thought they were just kinda "gimmicky" not anymore..just as good as bones. no doubt.
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