reissues from 95 on up

do u think re-issues from mid 90s and up will be released 20 years from now or sooner? cause i see all the old school boards being re-released and i do admit some of the 80s graphics were good but of course i started skating in the mid 90s there is some graphics id love to get my hands on from those days! i still have my very first bones brigade team zine that had steve cab on it skating vert it was in 96 i believe but yea


  • that would be pretty cool Bill. there are still quite a few floating around out there so that makes the demand for them is so minimal we have no reason to reissue them (yet). you can still find most on ebay for around 65-120 bucks depending on which one you want. of course time will tell which ones will become popular and which ones become forgotten.
  • i really want the chalk logo and the ellis aussie deck they were my 2 favorites i bought a bunch of the chalk logo decks as soon as my shop had one i bought it everytime haha and i never got a chance to get the ellis aussie deck i wasnt too happy about that lol and that blue cab board was really amazing too among others
  • i have been asking about the reissuing of the Ellis models for a while. ill keep on it and see what we can do.
  • yea they need to get on that so i can buy atleast 2 of them it was one of my favorite graphics of all time im sure ellis would be up for it
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