Bones STF

What is the best STF shape for engaging steel/pool coping? Pro, Skinny, Thin or Mini-Rat?


  • well for ramp and pool, I would and do use SPF's. I like the thinner profile of the Miller's but the rounder ones are good too.
  • well stf is street tech formula so like he said u might want to go with skatepark formula
  • The SPF is a little to slippery for me. I have more confidence in the STF believe it or not. Any recommendations on the shape? Tried both out on pool plaster and liked the STF. Thanks.
  • im not one who really cares about wheel shapes and i dont really think they matter but to each their own
  • I like skinny wheels. I skate STF's 29mm wide, and I don't have any problems with coping. I'm not sure width changes the ride much for me personally, but I like skinny for less weight. Skinny wheels probably slip more though, as there is less contact for friction.

    It's odd that you say SPF is slippery for you, as they are made to grip better than STF. SPF's will grip tighter on smooth concrete and on ramps - in my experience anyway.

    I find STF's very slippery - and I like 'em this way.
  • Skinny VS. Fat also depends on how wide your trucks are. if you are rocking 169's (9 inch) or bigger a slim wheel will make you slide all over on grinds since you have so much room between wheels. But yeah ride which ever formula feels best. I ride 37 mm wide 58 mm Millers and 34 mm wide 56 mm Greek's on 149;s and 139's and they work great.
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