il probably regret this later but.......had to do it. =)

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    and if anyones wondering.......indy 169's, rat bones, vintage pink tracker spacers, gorilla ribs, tail bone and jaw bone. bones swiss bearings,custom grip...of course. and......... those gorilla ribs are a real bitch to bend on that gee gaw shape!!..but its totaly worth it for the way they look when its done.
  • that grip job is ridiculous
  • ha ha...hey bill, thats pure 80's style just keepin it real =)
  • well congrats on spending 4797478947789482778987278789798128948475 hours on ur grip haha looks amazing minus the pink
  • Ahh... That looks fun.

    I'm not much of a wall hanger, but I hung mine up. I figured I could get the Vallely if I wanted to skate one.
  • That grip job is insane dude!!! Mad Props!
  • i did the same with my bug - indy 159's original PP street styles and rib bones
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    Don't regret that, Nick! It looks Awesome- the pink clashes, but somehow makes it. Plus, it's always cool to see people setting up a limited deck instead of hanging it. I love the metallic green on this deck (plus, the lime top). I totally kick myself for not picking one up. Ride the hell out of it!

    Although, riding Indys and rockin' a Tracker sticker.... well, that's another story...
  • Nice catch zeno! Yeah Nick what up with the Tracker/Indy 3 way!?
  • yeah... i justified it because i have tracker risers and the sticker came with em. its such an awesome sticker i had to put it on there. ive been tempted to peel it off..a few times =)
  • tracker sticker is a must for 80s setups duuhhhhhhhhhh
  • Tracker just screams 80's!
  • Funny thing is, a while back I got a pair of black Indy Stage V, and it had that same Tracker sticker on the hanger! Really, is that what the guy did?!? Yup, I left it on, because it was too funny. Shit just don't make sense.

    Sorry for any sort of derail.

    Awesome board, still.
  • Nick,

    Have you ridden this set up yet? I was considering getting one of the LTD Sword and Skulls, but was not sure about how a flat concave would ride. Looking for something for skating pools... Kinda like the new SC decks too, wouldn't mind a new Slasher in the veteran shape.
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    it is a nice shape.. honestly though i havent skated it a park. i dont ride my oldschool decks at the park anymore.. just cruise around the hood with em. but the shape is cool. feels good. but for riding pools... i cant see having something without a kicknose much more stability when carving around a corner or just settin up axlestalls. i only skate 8.0 or 7.8 now.. and 52mm for street..54mm for the pool.
  • 54mm for pool!!! Wow that is small Nick. I ride 58-60 for pools and vert and 56-57 for smaller ramps and such.
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    dude.. i got 54mm white spitfires with the red centercore. and i dropped in and literly had to try to keep control around the corners they are soooo fast. 101 hardness.(masonite pool) now that they are broken in a little.. they are more manageable. im not knockin bones wheels cuz i still love p&p.. but seriously.. the shape of those wheels and handling are ridiculously awesome. thats all i ride now. with tensor lows and bones med bushings.
  • all i can skate is powell 101a anything else would be uncivilized
  • The smallest I go as a rule is 55mm (I do have 52mms on my Popsicle but I never ride it anymore, just feels wrong to me) I have Vintage Rat Bones IIIs on my Hawk Medallion (60mm) and I go back and forth between 55mm Autobahns on my BL Lucero X2 and SC Bullet 66's depending on what I am doing. I am considering getting a set of Vintage Cross Bones IIs (66mm if I recall) just because I loved them back in the day.
  • deck at the top ...........i thought my cab. street looked good yours is like a hot blond
  • i love it
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