Jordan Hoffart with Jesus shirt in video

Hello everyone,

I noticed Jordan Hoffart was wearing a shirt that said "jesus christ is my bff" while skating at a demo on the fun tour. What does bff mean?



  • it is internet lingo for best friend forever
  • The real question is, What the hell does "StallionMaster" mean???
  • hahahahahahahahahahaha BULLSEYE!!!!!!!!!
  • Stallionmaster is my nickname that I received from one of my dearest friends, somewhat in jest. Though he gave me the name for doing physical activities with the style and grace of a wild stallion. For example, I can jump really high when I play frisbee. I like to hike up mountains at a fierce pace, and so on and so on. So my friend calls me the stallionmaster. Thanks for the information about "best friend forever". I wonder if Jordan Hoffart professing his christianity or love for jesus christ helps his deck sales?
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    well it might but i think it would be a dumb reason to buy a board but if someone wants to buy someone's board just because of a belief then to each their own
  • " I can jump really high when I play frisbee" no one else wants to take a stab at that????
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    I would not buy someone's deck for a belief either. I'm not to keen on bible thumping skaters. It seems to defeat the purpose of the skating mentality. I guess I like to think of skating as kind of hardcore shredding fun activity. So, when I see the likes of Caballero, Hosoi, Ray Barbee, and many others selling christian skate DVDs it is a big turn off. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people living a christian lifestyle and wanting others to join them, but promoting that message through skating doesn't fit for me. When I think of Caballero and Barbee I like to think of them as great skaters, and historically great skaters at that. On their Vans websites they both say that the story of jesus christ is the best story they have ever heard. Bummer for them, or maybe that haven't read many good books. But I guess opinions are like assholes.
  • For the Record, Nick Spesia, I do not believe I am like a stallion. It is just a nickname given to me in jest. Please take a stab at my frisbee remark though, which admittedly is quite lame sounding especially after I read it on the message forum a few days in a row.
  • In one sentence you say it doesnt bother you, in another you say its a turnoff. It seems your skater "image" is just that, an image. In the 80's we called dudes like you posers. Go play frisbee dork, just do it in the middle of the street. GTFO
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    Hey Albright 69,

    I was just expressing my point of view, and admittedly a bit poorly. However, I'm sure your namecalling and labeling was not deserved, but that's okay if that's how you feel. Are you telling me to GTFO of the message board because I struck a nerve with you on a certain subject? I'm not sure you speak for everyone, but if you do I'll be glad to refrain from introducing any semi-political topics in the future. I've just noticed over the last ten years how many prominent legend status type skaters profess their christianity openly on DVD and at demos or other public events. I think it's great if they want to do that, more power to them, I just find it to be a turn off for me that's all. If someone is going to make comments publicly about their beliefs or display them on videos, clothing, etc., then I feel like they are open for responses or commentary.
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    this thread got all angry real quick! But I guess we must all remember:
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    1) noskool.. .. that picture is pretty god d#$n funny
    2) albright69...i almost pissed myself when i read that.. on point.
    4) bill..thanx for the back up =)
    3) stallion master... as whacked out as your views are.. im enjoying the commentary.. and i will agree with you...thats right.. i will agree with you on.. keeping religion out of skating.. i love christain hosoi..he f'n rules. but, i really dont see the point of him professing his new found enlightenment.. i believe in god.. but i dont feel the need to advertise. so lets keep politics and religion out of the forum..and talk about more important things like....
    1) the mcgill snake skin
    2) the mcgill snakeskin getting made
    3) the mcgill snakeskin getting made and out on the website for purchase
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    haha by the way nick check ur email if u havent already
  • Hey guys,

    No skool that is a great point, and picture. Nick Spesia, thank you for writing eloquently on the point that I apparently did not articulate all that well. What you wrote was the jist of what I was attemptin to say. I'm glad I stirred things up a bit, but I don't want to do too much of that. I am down with the McGill snake skin idea. I'm in the process of rebuilding (setting up my) Ray Barbee Ragdoll with thin ribs. I'll post some pics when I am done.

  • Sorry for the delayed response. I couldnt wait to get back to this ever so exciting forum and hear your response(sarcasm). Bottom line is this dude: To each his own and I am sure the likes of Christian, Cab, Ray, Jordan, Lance, and whoever else find it important to themselves to express their beliefs give two shits what some slag like yourself thinks. I can jump high! Yipee!!! I can climb a mountain real fast!Woohoo!!! Im a wild stallion bro. Have a blessed Jesus Christ Almighty, Libertarian, Christian ,Anti PC, Anti Obama, No handouts, No whining, Gun Toting, Gas Guzzling, Shredding, Small Government, Jesus is my BFF, anti government health care, Founding Fathers,, GATA, Constitutional, endless grind, backside boneless type of day! Enjoy Hell and Your Hummus. Best Wishes -McRad Albright69
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    Hey Albright69,

    I apologize if I have offended your fallen Jewish Manhero Jesus Christ. I will refrain from commenting on your response. I'm not sure what you were responding to anyhow. I think that you think I am a dork. You may be correct, I may be wierd and a dork in some people's eyes.

    But for now i wish to end this thread. Sorry albright, no more fuel on your fire. I don't think this is the place for our type of discussion.
  • I knew the board would eventually devolve to this without Jesse...
  • cwalker3 you are so right man:

    And not to further offend anyone but this is very true:
  • "Enjoy Hell and Your Hummus" thats classic =)

    and noskool...that special olympics picture true.
  • I think Hummus is hell, just look at this stuff:
  • Just to keep the pics going:
    Always remember:
    Also if you get out of line:
    Make Sure:
    Don't be afraid to try new things:
    Keep in mind it could always be worse:
    If all else fails:
    but MOST importantly:
    This is the first time l have checked this thread out!!! This look's like a Skull n Bone's thread !!!!
    Fuckin hilarious!!!! I love burning comp's!!
  • For dinner I had live whole grain cereal with Nancy's whole milk honey yogurt. Also while at work this evening I had a perfect foods peanut butter bar packed full of live cultures and beets, kale, and all of that hippy earth shit. To top it off I had some thai curry cashews. No hummus though. I guess the thread isn't dead, there are actually normal people that think it is entertaining to be an asshole sometimes. Hey albright where was the last place you skated? Did you land anything nice? I skated at Lone Pine elementary school last night. The janitor didn't chase me out, and I don't think she heard me because she was listening to her ipod. I landed one nice no comply pop shove it to tail slide. I also had a nice fakie pop shove it tail grab off of four stairs. I also missed a bunch of tricks too, but it was great.
  • It's all good Stallionmaster!! Don't take it to heart champ! All our school's in Australia have 12ft fence's with pointy bit's on top surrounding them now......I miss sessioning school's......:)
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