1992/1993 Giorgio Zattoni

Kam, need information about this board!
It's the 92/93 Giorgio Zattoni pro model but with a top graphic that says "WAAGE"

The only one that comes to mind here is Jan Waage the German pro skater.
Was he ever considered to get a pro model from Powell Peralta and this is a prototype?

Would like to find out some more about this and why he didn't get it?

I would also like to know what year it was released?




  • Jan Waage did skate for Powell Peralta.

    I can not find that graphic in our catalogs from 1992 to 1995, but I did see
    an almost identical car graphic for Chris Senn in 1993. It could be that we
    did that graphic for Waage as a European model only and did not sell it in
    the US in great numbers. I thought it was a Zattoni model as well, but can
    not see any pro models that we made for him during that time period. I will
    double check with our art dept head.
  • The deck in question was neither a production deck or team deck. I believe
    it was a graphic done for Chris Senn by artist Jerry Mahoney and the graphic
    was actually changed to the 1993 Senn graphic that was the production model,
    slightly different. My guess is that we did a handful of these decks for
    our European riders and had their name screened on the top. Explains the
    Zattoni connection and the Waager top graphic.
  • Thank you for the information Kam.
    Did Klaus Dieter Span from Germany ever ride for Powell Europe?
    He is not listed on your team page.
  • He never rode for us officially but he did get flow from us.
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