Old North Carolina pics

Didn't want derail Noskool's thread - so here's some old NC
Morris Wainwright Farm Ramp 1988/89
Taylor - Rocky Mount full pipes and a wet Gorman Street Pool (Raleigh) 1989
Mike Conroy - Eastern Vert 1990
Jimmy Leaphardt - Eastern Vert 1990


  • GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!! i love that shady red bowl with the garbage in it.. thats awesome. and mike conroy's backside air is f'n epic..i wish i could pull em that high.
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    Nice pics Ben.
  • Leaphardt= Mouth of the South, one cool dude!!

    Didn't Brian Wainwright (Morris' brother) rip vert on
    roller skates? I remember seeing one of those guys
    do a 540 @ charleston hangar way back when...

    Conroy= tuck knee flappin' siiiick style!!!
  • Nice Pics! Really taking me back...do they even make Airwalks anymore...?
  • www.Airwalk.com
  • Wainright still rips the quads and does 540's regularly on them.
  • Awesome pics, thanks for postin' 'em!
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