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i think it'd be awesome if mini logo did old school shape decks.


  • actually, that's a really good idea.
  • thats not mini-logo territory but i will mention it
  • I think Skateone has the old school decks covered with their P&P line. Plus, producing the old school shapes under mini-logo, I think, would detract from their reissue sales. Besides, aren't old school boards all about the graphics?!
  • But what if you could get a Mini Logo in a Hawk shape, or an FP shape? Hmmmm? That would be very cool - sort of like an 'Experimental'.
  • cwalker3............ i like that idea. =)
  • Guy's, Tim at will make custom decks! You could have the Hawk nose with a FP tail or whatever you like. Check his site out.
  • krisl, I was thinking the exact same thing. My dad is a great artist and I would love to have a oldskool shape PP board which he could decorate, that would be awesome.

    Not that I don't like the PP graphics :-) but I would definitely like some virgin ones.
  • thanx noskool. i may have to do that. i have a friend that owns a sign shop and has an awesome digital printer. i have some ideas.. =)
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