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Hi there,
I am a 22 year veteran of skating whom has taken up my childhood love of roller skating again. This has been really fun and exciting.

Also learning about the world of roller skating products etc has been fun too as I have been away from the sport for 23 years.

This query is related to a roller skate wheel Bones Primo Deano

Pics here:

These were the greatest wheels in the opinion of many contemporary roller skaters.
Prices for this wheel in the 2nd hand market can reach around $200 - $250 just for the tires.

Recently I decided I would design and build my own Aluminium Primo Deano hub to suit my set of Deano tires.

Pictures here:

As you can see I have used a mini bearing which as been working really well.

One problem I have encountered is it seems there are differing sizes of primo deano hubs about the place. Is this correct? Were there revisions in the design? Some of my hubs have embossed “Primo Deano” writing on the hubs while others do not.

Other sets of Deano tires not not fit my rims as well as other. This is why I ask the question.

Were there revisions in the design?
Were they made in different factories over time?
Do you still have the moulds for them?

It would be great if you considered remaking roller skate wheels again as the market is back with the rebirth of Women’s roller derby and a renewed interest in roller skating in general.

Your products are still held in great regard and with your tough image, great quality manufacturing and dedication to roller sports you would be very successful if you were to return.

Nathan Elliot-Watson


  • At least you aren't Rollerblading, Good Luck!!
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