Powell Peralta Wheels that need to be Re-Issued.

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE these wheels and am worried when the NOS (new old stock) dries up..
Anyone have any thoughts on these wheels? I don't think street wheels can get much better..



  • I know what you mean - current PP and Bones wheels are excellent but for street I like these in 97a...:
  • Didn't see anything in the new catalog for Spring on new PP wheel reissues, but I will keep them in mind for the next catalog. I did see we might be adding some new colors though. Hopefully Pink and Yellow. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Yeah, those Minirats are my 2nd Favorite
  • dead horse coming right up.............. ( T-BONES and CROSSBONES ) =)
  • OG Cross bones please! There is such a gap in history between Rat Bones and G-Bones/Rat Bones II's. We really don't have a wheel that looks good on reissues like the Cab Street.

    The OG Cross Bones are such a great shape, and much more functional than G-Bones. I don't know how anybody can ride those monster truck wheels.
  • "The OG Cross Bones are such a great shape, and much more functional than G-Bones. I don't know how anybody can ride those monster truck wheels."

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! so true.
  • OG Crossbones indeed! Those are definitely long overdue.

    Also, T-Bones, please! I loves me some T-Bones.
  • You can still find T-Bones, just look around.
  • Yes, there are plenty of T-Bones and the big (not original) Cross Bones available relatively cheap.
  • You can buy Mini Rat's at oldschoolskates.com. For 7 bucks a wheel.
  • I'd like to see some OG Cross Bones as well - black 97a's would be a great start!!
  • The wheels I would like to see reissued are the Powell Peralta Freestyle Wheels with the basic writing and the slanted inside edge. Love those wheels for street! Also I would like to see 97a Rat Bones. Soft wheels are good for cruising around but I just can't seem to skate soft wheels when I am really out there skating. I agree that the G-Bones are difficult and really are "Monster Truck Wheels." Cross bones definetly need to come back...what a wheel....97a's! Well that's my two cents...keep rippin' everyone!
  • alright, this is a long shot here. in public domain, when the 'rubber boys' were skating (in black and white), does anyone know what kind of wheels they were skating? it was 1988-89.
  • Ray Barbee is skating Rat Bones and Chet Thomas is skating Freestyle wheels from what it looks like and I remember. It is hard to tell what Eric Snaderson and Steve Saiz are riding. Great part in that video!!!
  • Alright cool to know. and that's my favorite part in that vid, gets me pumped every time
  • Rght on...actually Chet Thomas might be riding the "streetstyle" wheel that is basically similar to the freestyle wheels with the exception of the slanted inside edge. Sorry about that.
  • According to KAM (I spoke to him yesterday) there probably will be no more "Re-Issue" Wheels because as he put it, there just isn't a huge demand for a "Variety" of reissue wheels. He also said it wouldn't be cost effective for them to start making other reissue wheels again. He said the same thing about making plastics again (Rib Bones, Tail Bones, Ect:) I thought I would let you all know what he said - Kinda sucks, but makes sense.
  • o man that sucks....I was looking forward to OG crossbones. What about new colors of existing reissue wheels? I'd like some yellow rat bones
  • no more....in production?????? or just no more variety
  • no more re-issue wheels forever mwahahahahaha
  • no more variety
  • oh okay
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    The one wheels I wish we could get was OG Cross Bones. It's the one wheel I want that's really impossible to find. Most other variety's you can find for reasonable prices.

    G-Bones, Rat Bones, and Mini Cubics are very good choices. I just wish there was one more (Cross Bones). Since they're already making them, RB II's in colors would be nice too.
  • i concur...OG CROSSBONES!!!!!
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