new per w. deck =)

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ok......... when is it coming?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • and it begs for white rib bones....
  • If he signed off, can Hawk be far behind? This is pretty much a miracle.

    Did Birdhouse ever rip off that graphic, like they did with Hawks?

    And once I heard the rumor about it, I feared the freestyle was coming. Good call Skate One going with the street! Man I was relieved, and would have been bummed if it was freestyle.
  • agreed.. the freestyle is great and all...but that streetsyle full size deck is def one of the best VC graphics. im really, really surprised its coming out.
  • The deck most likely will be available by the end of the month. look for the McGill and Cab Dragon and Bats first. Regarding Hawk and Birdhouse. I believe Tony got the okay to use his graphic. We're still hoping he signs off one day on the reissue program.
  • I just saw this board in the K15 section of decks. Does this have a kick nose??
  • I'm also curious abou the K15 concave on this deck. Maybe the nose/wheelbase is short enough that it'll just end up being a slight "up-turned" nose? I know the one I had back in the day was not. Hmmm...
  • i hope the size is incorrect. if its the same size as the cab bats.. its 2 small.... uggggg!!!!
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    we will see
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    when is the Per deck being stocked?? my steadham has hit the end of its life and i need a new board. 2 per decks for me, one to skate, and one for the wall.
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    I'd be stoked on the freestyle, cos I'd skate one and hang one. Can't wait for the street deck too!
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    What's the top of the Welinder look like? oval dragon? winged ripper? blue?
    A pic would be even better. i'm not seeing pics of the top for any of the new decks.

    and when's it being stocked? it's been like a month!
  • any updates???? hopefully its winged ripper and its out by the end of the month.
  • I pre-ordered 2 from SoCal...
  • Should be available soon.

    Per and George have agreed to release 600 only of this Welinder Nordic Skull

    Painted rails.

    Call now to prebook.
  • yea powell pants
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    only 600? wow

    wait what the hell? you changed to gee-gaw shape?!
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    i noticed that 2... im not as excited amymore..and its a mini? doesnt make sense.. the gee gaw is 10 x 30 right? il wait until someone buys one and I ACTUALLY KNOW THE REAL SHAPE
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    and we're still waiting for a picture of the top graphic!!!!

    now, they say only 600 of it, do they mean just this colorway, or the design entirely?
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    they mean that they are only making 600 of that board so that whole board is limited to only 600 decks if that isnt clear enough then they are only making 600 copies of that graphic and after that there wont be anymore
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    aww that's sad. it's such an awesome graphic.

    but, then again, its still extremely cool of per to do this for us.
  • Oh shit, I see what you guys are talking about with the gee-gaw. What the hell?

    I already payed for 2 from Socal - not sure how I feel about this...

  • Almost sold out on pre-books. Just a handful left.

    This will be it for this shape, color, and graphic.
  • Yay!! Just pre-ordered two from SocalSkateshop!
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