new per w. deck =)



  • yeah - thanks for sharing
  • Oh, man, WTF did you do with the drill?!?!?! Step away from the power tool! If you need trucks that wide, you can buy new school 215's you know.
  • LOL ;) think we had this conversation before.. either way the deck does look nice, the kicknose is nice, but i can tell by the pic's its 2 small to skate..which sucks. cuz i dont hang decks anymore. oh well.. enjoy
  • It is a little small, yes.

    I did have a bad drilling session this time. I had to redrill because the only trucks i have that will work on that board are my old 80's indys (old pattern), and i have no money to buy new trucks. That doesnt normally happen though, with the drilling
  • hey man..gotta do what ya have to do. =) still a sweet deck..
  • thanks man!
  • Hey jibbyjub - I've done this before myself, if you're interested
    in cleaning up the holes, it's super easy: you can plug 'em w/
    free homemade ones, just head outside & find a broken tree
    branch; cut & skin the bark off (you can get a good fit actually
    breaking off the branch in the hole); add some elmer's wood glue,
    let it dry good (overnight); then sand it even & add some paint
    pen action (& grip ontop) to cover over - after awhile, you won't
    even be able to tell where the wrong holes were, the wood'll wear
  • Hey, that's a great idea!
  • Yeah, next time, if you mess up, mix the drill hole dust with Elmers wood glue and just pack it back in the hole.
  • Quick review:

    I got two from Socal. Socal was cheap and fast, as always.

    Now, I know I'm not the only gaylord who is treating these as a collectible...

    With that in mind, one of them was pretty blemed up. The blems were inside the shrink, so it wasn't Socal. It looks like the base coat might be black. There were rub marks on parts of the deck - it almost resembles wheel bite. There were also some blotches where the blue just got smudged or something. The tail was a bit dented up - imagine if you took 8 razor blades, and stood them up, then dropped your deck tail first onto it. Real straight, clean, thin dents.

    The other one had no flaws at all.

    It's all good, I'll setup the off one, store the perfect one. I like to collect completes.

    The paint is really nice - a deep blue with sparkly stuff in it.

    With regards to the 'dip' - it looks to me like they paint it with a base blue - top, bottom, and sides. Then maybe they put another layer of blue on. The blues don't match though. You can very clearly distinguish how the top paint in particular is plopped onto the base coat. It's two different colors - or maybe it's that the base coat is flat, and the top coat is shiny.

    Onto the shape. Do you have the Underhill reissue? I put the Wellinder on top of the Underhill, and it's essentially the same shape with bumps in the back, the same concave, and one inch less than the nose. There's no point to the tail like the Underhill. Net/net - it's essentially an Underhill with less nose. The width and curve are pretty much exact with the exception of the bumps.

    If this sounds like complaining, it's not! I'm 100% happy with the reissue. I wish it were a full size though. I just wanted to give everyone an idea of what the dip and shape was like.
  • I ride the Underhill every day and it's great, love it.
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    CWalker3 - if my Welinder comes all banged up - I will send that shit back quick like. They can kiss my ass for 80.00 Dollars, limited edition or not.
  • It's not so bad, but the flaws are there. I realize of course that it's a skateboard, meant for thrashing, so I wasn't bummed.
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    Mine is gonna be a hanger, I have 4 different set ups so Im set for a while. But maybe one day - who knows. I have a feeling it's gonna be worth a nice chunk of cash one day if I can keep it somewhat mint.
  • i saw it on ebay for $130 with 7 bids already, keep it for a while
  • thanks for the review Cwalker, and.. the use of the word "gaylord" in a sentence is pretty god damn funny to me ;) nice.
  • Shipped out the second run of them this week. The rest will ship out by the end of next week by the 4th I believe. Those who pre ordered will receive theirs within 2 weeks. All sold out.
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    I got mine today, I swear - if I had never seen a picture of Per Welider, I would have sworn he was a midgit by the size of this deck - It does look pretty nice next to my vintage Bill Danforth, SALBA and Powell Rose & Bones though I must admit. Mine had a ding or 2 (like you said CWalker3 about 1 of yours) but f@@# it, Im not gonna be a Gaylord and complain about it, it's a skateboard not a Ferrari.

    CWalker3 - I see what you mean about the paint on top, it looks like it was airbrushed at the county fair or something..
  • Just got mine today also. I thought it was gonna be delivered by "Lloyd" from Dumb & Dumber kicking it all the way down to my front door after hearing about all the dings. Thank God mine got here in one piece with no dings. I'm stoked, my kids think it's pretty rad, & it looks good in my collection. Thanks Per & George.
  • @Animal Chin: Does that mean the deck will never be available here in the SOC online shop ?
  • These look to be sold out everywhere. The new Cab Street too...

    Looks like you have a few hits SOC - well done.
  • We are going to continue supporting Grind For Life and will be selling a handful of signed decks by the pros so we can send the proceeds to GFL. It is a great cause for helping cancer patients. I should have some Welinder decks that will be autographed that will only be available on our web site. I will announce a release date when I know better.
  • Way to go SOC!! Grind For Life is an awesome charity! Pay it Forward!
  • Depends on your definition of 'gouging'. Socal had them for $65, they always have a 10% coupon out there, and shipping is free over $100. So I could get one from that auction for $90, or 2 from Socal for $117.
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