new per w. deck =)



  • Just got the word from Per that he signed and numbered the decks for the GFL auction. I should have them back soon, and on the site for sale.
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    Just ordered mine!! Thanks to Per,Cab, PP,Kam & everyone involved for supporting GFL!!! Much Love brothers..
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    Is this crazy or what!! Look at the price of the Welinder at SOH.. Daaaaammmmmnnn!!! And it's not a misprint! That's wicked.... Oops here's the link.
  • not worth it. :( sorry..but it just isnt/ $500.00 for a re-issue? that u can still buy on ebay for 80 to 100 bucks? good luck greedy SOH.
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    ^^^^^^^ It's just unbelievable isn't it??? The next time Im up in S.F. Im gonna walk right past their shop, I usually always stop in there - CROOKS.
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