new future primitive.. i have questions =)

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So yeah......... i have questions... here goes.. so i love the deck... thank you first and foremost. it rocks... now........... its not the original, graphic, and shape and it does NOT say "lance mountain" anywhere on it. hmmmmmmmm.. intersting. but it does have his "graphic" although modified into a "new,old school pattern.. which i dig. i am a purist and like everyone..or most people on here im sure i can speak for them you know who you are =) would of liked the origianl VC graphic.. but that being said.... i thought....someone... some point... something about... hmmmmm. not being able to release a previous riders deck without his signature???????? i know.. once again not the original..but it has without a doubt.. "the lance mountain handplant, and other images from the deck in the background etc.. etc.. ) that begs a few questions from me.. since this is one my favorite graphics of all time...

1) did Lance have to sign off on it ?
2) if he did... why not just make the original that everyone wants..again ?
3) was this graphic (variation) *something originally composed by VCJ or the art dept ?
4) is the signing off on graphics a bunch of malarchy? or rubbish if you will ?
5) is the easter bunny real ? and is he bringing me caburry eggs? ( sorry.. wrong forum) *

once again.. not complaining.. but i have to ask... either way i love it! defenetly getting one. great job P&P its moments like this that make it all worth the wait =)


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    In Disposable it does say that VCJ drew the FP graphics and the variations. I always understood the " we need the riders to sign off before we can produce their old boards" to mean having the board exactly the same as the original, with the riders name on it. Maybe because Lance used the old Vato skull graphic on his flip board they decided to release a tweaked version of his old F.P. graphic to get theirs!! Just a thought....
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    The Ether bunny kicks the Easter bunnies ass!!!!!!!
  • Also does this deck have a kick nose?
  • check out the FP shirts the PP team is wearing...

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  • The pros need to sign off on any old reissue that we do with their signature on the pro model. So Paul Bound is correct in that we can tweak or do the graphics w/o the pro attached to it. However, we would like to try and reproduce the originals as best we can. The FP was done this time around because of a ton of requests to do something like it, and that Lance is currently focused on his new team with Flip and does not want to get distracted from that by doing a reissue with us at this time. We support Lance with his decision and his new endeavors.
  • So Chin can you put out a board (even a blank) with the bottle nose shape like Hawk and McGill?
  • That would be awesome. Mini-Logos with the bottle nose shape. Insta-buy.

    I know it has been mentioned before, but it would be exceptionally cool if the "blanks" had the Experimental graphics on them.
  • Experimental graphics on pro shapes would be amazing. We ALL wanted one of those back in the day.
  • It's not the graphic on th McGill Skull and Snake Bottlenose Shape that is keeping that from coming out. It's the shape that we're working on. I believe we're working on the old mold to make sure we can get that deck perfect. Hopefully we'll eventually have that shape available.
  • Totally agree cwalker3! Those boards would sell like hotcakes! There isn't one oldschool skater in the world who wouldn't buy one of of them......or 10!
  • as noskool said, would making the hawk shape from 86/87 be possible if it had a differant graphic ?
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