A few wheel tech questions



  • lesser quality? not even. just a different formula. the rippers are a bit more forgiving if you need to slide out of a grind but are a little more slick when riding a rough ditch. different wheels for different skating situations.
  • all the powell formulas are just amazing
  • agreed - by way of comparison, wheels people rave about that
    I've tried like Spitfire, Black Plagues, Skaterbuilt pool favors &
    Sector 9 Goddess of Speed were no where near as fast, smooth,
    or lasting as SPFS, Bowl Bombers & Bombers - not even close!
  • yea nothing beats skate one wheels that is for sure!
  • I got a set of those 56mm 97 Rippers - nice shape. fast. light.

    but, all 4 wheels have flatspots after one session at the skatepark.
  • Are SPF's good for metal and/or platic/masonite/skatelite ramps ? ( some of our parks are of different materials )
    do they slide away (fishtail out , . . . ) or do they a good job ?
  • spf = skatepark formula all of powell and bones wheels are amazing whatever wheel u need they got u covered! spfs let u slide when u need to and grip when there needs to be grip
  • all 4 wheels have flatspots after one session at the skatepark

    send them in for to be evaluated and we will try to help you the best we can. thanks
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