Bones Brigade Tunes "Mystery" by The Nudes

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I have been looking for years for a song from the first Bones Brigade vid by the band The Nudes called "Mystery". It's playing when Lance is skating around Hollywood at night before he goes home. If anyone can help or point me in the right direction......Thanks!!! Chris


  • they released a bones brigade music cd a few years ago (not sure if that song was on it) u can check around on ebay for the cd
  • here are a few songs from the album. Del Marista Daktar, Bones Brigade Shuffle, Skateboard Blues, Future Primitive, Roll Daddy Roll, Calling All Cars, Airborne, One, Two, Three, Four, Big Dog, Condemned, Ten songs from Animal Chin, Four Johnny Rad tunes.
  • Been looking for a long time myself-It is not on the BB music CD
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