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An "old guys rule" dude here. Back in the day, I moved with the skate industry from my G&S bowl rider to my Ray Underhill 80's board. I still ride the Underhill board, now with Tunnel rocks wheels (63mmx90a) nice and grippy and wide like the deck! Now that the skateboards have changed again, I got a Mini Logo with DTF wheels. This one I have not ridden much. I keep taking out my fat 80's board with the soft grippy wheels.

I am not doing any ollies, grinds, flying down stairs, just mostly crusing around and tic tacing and pulling 180's, 360 spins- the old stuff. Can one do these older moves with this mini logo and DTF wheels. These new narrow decks without concave and the little hard wheels just don't seem to have the "soul" feel of the 80's. However it does have a double kick tail. Would I be hanging on to my past too much by staying with the old school board? Or will this new school - board be able to pull off the above mentioned?



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    if u are a good skateboarder u should be able to skate anything
  • Yes, you can rock a skinny new board w/out probs. I have some DTFs, but find them rough on East Coast city streets. Something in a 90 or 85a might be the stuff for you. Big wheels roll over stuff better than little ones - 60mm better than 50mm. One important thing is wheelbase. Somehow wheelbases got wicked short. Minilogs are nice 'cos you can pick your wheelbase to a limited extent.

    Truck brands make a huge diff - it's all about offset here. Trackers & Indys seem to have the same offset, so your axle to axle distance will be the same. Ventures for whatever reason have a ton of offset - over an inch diff over my Trackers on the same board. This is a more stable set up for folks used to old school boards w/monster wheelbases - you won't find yourself forward of the front wheels as much.

    I am rocking venture 5.0 Hi trucks w/a Minilog from the 'Specials' section of the Skateone site rolling on Bomber 85a. Whips around nice, w/out being too short.

    Most posters here are young folks all the above stuff makes no sense to them. For more advice from our Old School brethren, go look up Old School Army & enjoy their forums.
  • I'm 35 and ride everything from old school to popsicles. Popsicles have a lot of concave actually which allows better for ollies and airs, however they are smaller and less stable. as for trucks Indy kills anything else just as they always have. Wheels are your preference man. Ride what you like and have fun!!!
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    Forgot to add look for longer wheelbases like Peg Leg said. Thee are many popsicles out there with 14.5-16 inch wheelbase and that makes it feel very stable. the hardest thing for me to get used to was the nose of the new shapes. These are my three current boards:
    From left to right they are 9 inch round/square tail and kind of blunt nose with 15 WB (this is my vert and big stuff board) 8.5 inch popsicle with 14.5 WB (all around board) and 8 inch popsicle with 14.25 WB (mini ramp/park/street board). As you can see all have INDEPENDENT trucks, but different wheels for different terrain and situations. I surf also so I am used to having a quiver of boards to ride but many people are good with just one stick. Whatever you choose to ride make sure YOU like it and don't pay any attention to what trends or fads are going on!
  • Thanks for the advice. I agree that no matter what the trends or fads are - just keep skating. I skate an abandoned never built subdivision, kinda like a skate park that's unknown. I feel too tight when I go to the small local skate park as I am 50 and skating my Ray Underhill. These youths have never seen such a ride! They look at me like I am the heat trying to blend. At my age, I really can't get into ollies, grinds and rails as it takes me a couple of days for my bones to recover! This is the reason I thought a mini logo board would bring me into the current century. I just prefer the Old school board with softer, grippy wheels and a pp tail pad to help me stop!

    Say, how do I search or find the "Old School Army" forum? Are they posting on skate one?

    later, sk8ter.
  • OMA is it's own forum and brand of boards and soft goods:
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