CW Readers Choice Awards 2010

Just got my new Concrete Wave "Skateboard directory" in the mail today,
& on page 20 is results for Readers Choice Awards:
Favorite Company- Pool/Vert 1st Powell
Favorite Company- Bearing 1st Bones swiss
Favorite Company-Wheel 3rd Bones
Favorite Company- Bushing 4th Bones

Way to go, Skate One!!!


  • Oh, & I also missed 3rd place Bones Reds for fav co- bearing...
  • WOW, who the hell got 1 and 2 for wheels and 1-3 for bushings! These are the two areas that Bones helps SOC dominate usually.
  • that's what i want to know
  • they gave 1st & 2nd in wheels to Orangatang & Abec 11 respectively,
    and 1-3 in bushings was venom, khiro, & reflex... according to CW,
    "more than 1,000 people entered" their results, & ya gotta figure alot
    of them are longboarders/downhill racer types. (which is why I still
    say Skate One should make a 85a Bomber wheel in a 76mm-ish size,
    it'd sell like crazy, AND dominate contests too).
    Also interesting was RocknRons bearings got 4th, & he wasn't even
    making them for a long time, just re-started them - personally, I
    got some ceramics from him eons ago, & they're still fast as #$%*!
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    the khiro bushings are crazy ive seen them before if no one else has here is a photo of them
  • Yeah Kiro's are cool cause they have sooo many diff durometers, the only draw back to Bones Hardcores.
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