Board set up help

i have been skating for 25 years and i have always stuck to similar set ups - 10" boards, 169s, 60mm+ wheels. i want to change what i'm riding and also get my son a proper set up.

i've narrowed it down to this...

for me:
mini logo 181 (8.5 x 33.5)
indy 149s
skull & sword 58 x 37, 90a

for a 6 year old:
mini logo 191 (7.5 x 28.65)
indy 129s
bones atf 54 x 33, 80a

mostly neighborhood streets/sidewalks, but also concrete parks; cruising with occasional shredding

i understand that one's set up has a lot to do with personal preference, but do those set ups look right? my main issue is that i want to be sure that i fit the proper size wheel to the deck. for example, i am currently riding 60mm 85a bombers and i feel like they would be overkill on a 8.5 mini logo deck.

thoughts on above set up? pics of similar set ups? advice?


  • i would change his wheels to stf
  • Looks good to me. Not a big fan of those Skull and Sword wheels though. I know there is little selection in that hardness. 58mm is still kind of big too.

    I think ATF is perfect for a 6 year old on the street.
  • i want to keep his wheels soft b/c our street cruising involves curbs, ditches, cracks, rocks, etc. he has been pushing around on 60mm 85a bombers and has had no issues with rough streets, so i didn't want to go down to a small AND hard wheel. i figured the 54mm will fit his small board, but also allow him to cruise hassle-free. i know there is a 52 atf, but i can't bring myself to go that small for any set up.

    what don't you like about the skull & sword 58? for size, i know this is where personal preference comes in. for example, if you check out the completes... both the street ripper and pool ripper blue are 8.5 x 33.5 (same deck as the mini logo 181 i assume), and they are sold set up with 54mm and 60mm respectively. also, the peralta hipster (another 8.5 board) comes set up with 60mm. i have 60mm 85a bombers, but i feel like they are too much wheel for the mini logo deck - too wide, wrong style. i figured the skull & sword was the next step down and a good match - it's 58 and narrower than the bomber. i could consider the 56 oval dragon 90a, but i think that's too small for me. am i missing another option?
  • I think the shape of the S&S wheel is fine, and the size isn't too crazy big - it's a little too big for me though. More importantly, I'm just not a fan of the 'basic' urethane formula. If you want to stay big, I'd go for the 54mm STF 'Standards' over them. I think most on here would agree on STF over vanilla.

    I imagine STF is going to be too hard for you though, given what you're used to. What you really should do is try to beg/borrow/steal/ebay some Bones DTF in about 56mm - that's my personal choice for the chunky 35 year old bowl in town... I'm down to my last 2 sets - one 56mm and one 58mm. I'll use the 58's once I'm really desperate! Jesse (old Skateone employee) said that the DTF is basically a 90a wheel too. Really, they would be perfect if you can find them.
  • thanks for the replies. i just placed my order. i kept it to the specs outlined in my first post. i'll let you know how they turn out!
  • Those specs were good. I don't like any wheels smaller than 56mm an 149's are perfect for 8.5 decks.
  • also need help with setup!

    im looking to realize a lifelong dream, buying a POWELL PERALTA deck

    Im interested in the " hot rod flames" deck, the dimensions are 33.875" x 9.375"

    i want to add Mini-Cubic 95a 64mm x 57mm wheels

    i have a pair of Tensor trucks (magnesium) previously fitted on an ALMOST Mullen impact support with dimensions 8"x 31.9"

    i want to add mini-logo 0.25" risers

    i want to add mini-logo 1"bolts

    so my concerns are as follows:

    1. Do you think the Tensor trucks will be ok with the wider wheels and deck?

    2. Will the bolts be long enough given the risers height?

    3. I cannot measure the trucks height, they are in another country and nedds to be shipped to me, so i dont know if the bolts will be long enough.

    The above is a problem because i live in Taiwan, and my gf is in the states now, and i want her to bring me the new deck and stuff back when she comes back. Oh yes, the trucks are in South Afric,lol

    Please can somebody assist me!

    Yours truly


  • i would get 1.25 size bolts cause if u use risers and have a inch or less hardware sometimes the bolts come off out of nowhere
  • hot rod deck is 9.375" wide... i would use...

    *indy 169s - 8.9" wide
    -you typically want your truck width to be within a 1/4" of the deck's width

    *1/2" risers
    -you'll need the clearance for a deck that large
    -will work best with that wheel height to avoid wheel bite
    -it's the classic riser height for a big deck

    *check out the complete build of this deck on the site
    -it comes with indy 169s plus the mini cubics

    is this going to be a cruiser or park board? i ask b/c the cubics would be good for ramp and pools, but not so good (in my opinion) for street cruising. i would get a softer wheel for that. my neighbor has this deck set up with 68mm 85a bombers, but you could also use the 64mm and be fine too.

    *for the hardware/riser question... this should be right... doing it from memory...
    -no risers - 7/8" bolt
    -1/8" riser - 1" bolt
    -1/4" riser - 1/4" bolt
    -1/2 riser - 1/2" bolt
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