freestyle setup?

what wheels did/does powell make for freestyle? and what wheels currently in stock would work best for freestyle?
secondly, what size trucks would work well for the harris 'mountie' deck?


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    For my mountie deck, I bought some special tracker trucks that are available online at sk8kings:

    As for wheels, personally I just put a pair of 52 mm street wheels 100a from Flip (the colours matched my board). Today's street wheels are derived from 1980's freestyle wheels. In fact, I think the when the Gonz and Tommy Guerrero first started street skating way back in the 80s, they used freestyle wheels because of their hardness. Of course, that could be an urban myth.

    Hope that helps!
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    I always recommend the Bones STF 'Rat Packs'. I think you can find them up to 54mm. They're a good shape, and have the old school look with the vato rats.

  • thanks guys!
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    i was thinking something more like this, where the end of the truck won't scrape the ground, and the wheel has more surface area touching the ground and has more balance. rat bones may work?

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    Ah, I get your point about the axels hitting the ground.

    Rat Bones are going to be too huge in my opinion.

    I would probably go with a set of original Street Styles. They are very close to those freestyle wheels. You can still get the original wheels cheap at Old School Skates (a Powell recommended vendor).
  • you can still get freestyle wheels on ebay for like 30 bucks. only thing is..they are really old at this point.
    and yes... tommy g and natas used freestyle wheels because they were light weight and were harder.
    if you want something current then yeah 52mm should work for size however..its important that the axle doesnt stick out if your going
    to be doing tricks that require the deck on its side..your are going to be freestyling like mullen right?? =)
  • yeah that's what i wanted to get into
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