Ref new Cab black bats deck! question help please guys

Hi guys hope all is sunny and well over the pond!! i was wondering if anyone on here that could help answer my questions please?
1. roughly how many decks do powell peralta make per reissue design ie; mike v deck 1000? 5000? 10000? more?
2. I check most days for the release of the new black cabbie street, so i'm wondering if anyone had any updates?
3. will any get shipped over to a dealer in the UK, if so who? Really dont want to miss out on this one!!!!
Thanks all
Chris Uk


  • Production runs vary depending on how long they last with us. Generally if it does not say limited or special, than the run is more than 500, and up to 1500 for a graphic until it changes colorways.

    The New Cab Dragon and Bats is now available, but will be sold out soon. The first run when to shops, and we have a handful left for the web site. Another run will be done shortly.

    Our distributor in the UK should have an order for all the new decks as they come available.
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    A big thank you for taking the time to respond!! just bought one from you guys so cant wait ;-)!!!
    all in all it works out about the same price as buying one over here in the UK anyway,
    Lastly I just want to say keep up the amazing work, these decks are a pure work of art!!
  • no picture of the rails? does it have colored rails?
  • yes, painted rails.
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