Cab Mechanical Dragon K-15

Hello Everyone,

I've been riding a mini-logo 8.5" K-15 concave for two months now and it rules. However I am thinking of snatching up one of those Black Cab Mechanical Dragons. I mainly ride street and I had success with the K-15 grafitti ripper for many street tricks that are supposedly easier on smaller popsicle decks. I was just wondering if anyone rideds a mechanical dragon street or parks or whatever? I just wondered what your opinion of the deck was as far as size and shape and feel. Thanks for the help.

p.s. so far I have liked the pop on all K-15 concave decks regardless of the width of the deck.


  • i had the mech dragon for a while. its got great feel to it. nice kicknose. great pool cruiser. i ride popsicles for street mostly they are easier for me to land tricks on now.
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