Just picked up a '78 skull and sword from a friend!

What are the oldest boards you guys have?

I need to get a better picture of the date; here it is.





  • very nice it would look amazing if it was restored
  • image
    I found the box with all of my worn trucks and wheels so now the Skull and Sword and the Guerrero are back to being completes
  • That white skull and sword looks like the one in the bones brigade video show
  • Awesome! Wheel wells too, too bad the re-issues don't have 'em.
  • *Sighs* If only, if only.
  • Nothing special just dug out my 97 Skull & Sword out of my shed. Just put together this Cab (I know a little plain) just for cruising. Thought I'd contribute something, but no where near as cool as some of the boards I've seen here. Just been trying to collect the Bones Brigade decks- mostly reissues but better than nothing I guess.
  • hell yea i remember that skull and sword i bought about 2 sets of those spade and cross wheels!
  • that skull and sword with the lightning should be on the new skull and sword pig! it'd look tight on the dark blue!
  • Is that another new colorway on the Rod Skull & Sword deck that's now in stock?
  • if ur talking about the lightning board then no it was a board from the 90s
  • No the one that's instock 10x30. It's a dark blue with a gold sword. Could've sworn it was another shade of blue with a white sword. Unless I'm seeing things. Is it Brigade_bill?
  • Actually I looked again, it's purple with a gold sword.
  • New to this forum, but a Powell rider since 1978 when I got my first Ray Bones at Cherry Hill . No, the color is navy blue with a yellow/gold sword full dip sides. I just talked to SOC.
  • Thanks for the clarification massos20.
  • C'MON Skateone, stock the out of stocks! Want something new to ride! I'm starting to go through withdraws..
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