the new ripper... FINALLY!!!

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top graphic ? check!
powell peralta lettering not powell classic? check!
awesome colorway and shape? check!!

nice actually MORE excited about this than the weilender


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    although major cred for the 7-P winged ripper. and nice colorway.
  • yeah..and the only reason is... its skateable. the weilender looks awesome. sweet deck, best looking graphic in the catalog.. but its too short. cant do point.
  • a quarter inch makes that big of a difference?
  • its actually 3 inches. thats the problem. im 5 foot 11" basicly 6 foot.. when i ollie my front foot goes off the front of the deck..its too cramped. the width i can live with..but its really short..i tried riding the cab street.. aint happenin..same size.
  • ohh... are you used to the 32 inch popsickles then?
  • yeah..thats a good size for me. i can do 31" 32".. i can cruise on a 30" for fun but for business..gotta be longer
  • I could probably skate the Wellinder if it has a kick in the nose. But it would feel weird. The Cab Street is flat out un-skateable with that flat nose. I need that grab from a kick for big ollies. These minis were un-skateable when I was 13...

    Not a fan of the 'big' ripper - too fat. That graffiti ripper definitely has serious potential though...
  • Grafitti Ripper's a real fun deck - I actually drilled a longer wheelbase
    for mine, & found it actually helped w/the front foot on ollies, both
    street & trannie... All around, it's a "go-to" board if ya can't take the
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    I dont mind the dimensions of the ripper, I just wish it had more of a shape to it. Maybe like the old school ripper shape with the same concave and width and length.
  • Hi everyone, noob here. I've lurked on these forums for about a year now but decided to join. I'm also on Skull and Bones as Board Brain.

    Some questions for any old school ripper owners ... what is it like to ride? I've wanted a Powell Peralta since I was 9 years old and now I'm finally taking the plunge.
    (They come in at around twice the price of any other deck in South Africa).

    How steep is the concave?
    Is the tail the right profile for a NOS tail bone?
    Will I need rails as fat and high as gorilla ribs to mount near the edges?

    I have another pool deck with thin ribs and had to screw them in about 3" either side for them to work as slide rails.

    Feedback much appreciated!
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