OMG...ATF Wheels!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I've ridden DTFs, SPFs, Standards, Bombers, etc (and figured the
80a duro'd be softer/slower than say, 85 or 95 bombers), but Geez-Louise,
the Bones 60mm ATFs are so freakin' fast & smooth on the ruff-stuff!!!
Rode them tonight on some different surfaces, and was really blown away...
These wheels ROCK!!!


  • have you skated em in a cement pool? im looking for something real grippy but fast as f!@#k
  • They're real grippy - that's my main problem with them. They're nice, but if you have used hard wheels in your pool, they will feel slower.
  • ahhhhhh. ok... well then scratch that. il stick with my spitfires.. like em or not they are fast as f!@#k. and they have other colors besides white and black.. which helps.
  • yea colors are always nice and white and black are probably the most boring colors in the world
  • white and black arent actually colors..thats the issue ;) dont get me wrong.. i love bones wheels..but sometimes i need color.
  • i feel u but i need it all the time (that's what she said)
  • For me, ATF's are a wheel that's perfect for concrete with cracks. They work nice at our local 70's era bowl (Landsdowne).

    DTF's have a nice grip/speed ratio if you can find them.
  • ha ha bill... nice michael scott homage.. ;)
  • CWALKER, you hit the nail on the head - I haven't taken them out
    to the downer yet, but was thinkin' they'd work great there, cause
    by way of comparison, I was riding some lime green abec/retro freerides,
    which are smooth, but seem faster on (road) asphalt than concrete.
    The ATFs are way smaller in size/mm, but definitely faster and smoother
    at the local high school, and cracked concrete path around our place.
    In fact, I was thinking they'd go off @ Carroll Park specifically (where
    I usually like the 95a Bowl bombers... For smooth crete, it's still SPFs!
  • i was just at carroll last month for the first time whoever built that park didnt know what they were doing
  • How is Carroll looking - did anyone clean it up after the winter mess (leaves, dirt, etc.)? That park is a mess, but it's real convenient for me. I like the spine bowl; the rest is a line-less cluster.

    ATF's are good for Carroll and the 'Downer, but DTF's are perfect! I'm hanging onto my last set... I still end up mostly using my street setup with STF's at Carroll though.

    I have two issues with ATF's - they don't slide - AT ALL. I like to really push into my frontside grinds and slide a little. Also, they mush down a bit if you like to leave the ground. But yes, they are faster than hard wheels on rough stuff, slower than hard wheels on smooth stuff.
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    carroll has leaves and stuff everywhere of course because of the trees the bowl is kind of trashy looking like a swimming pool lol
  • That's what I figured it would be like. We get spoiled by the old guy who takes care of Landsdowne... The goddam Rec Center is right there, you figure one of those people could come out with a leaf blower once a week...
  • Was thinking bout getting some NOS colored Rat Bones. Does anyone know if wheels 20 years old in storage still perform well?
  • haha yea ppl are just lazy
  • Man, I went into that Rec Center once with a 5-alarm
    emergency, my taco bell lunch threatening to exit my
    ass ASAP, & BEGGED someone, ANYONE, to tell me where
    the bathroom was - The lady in charge did what you'd expect,
    looked at me like I was from Mars (or, like I was gonna use
    her own personal bathroom at home), and tried to basically
    ignore me/question me/give me the run around. Long story
    short, I found the restroom just in time, no thanx to her lame
  • You should have just shit in the rec center, I'm sure it would have blended right in!
  • Hahaaa That's funny, I almost shit myself just reading this!
  • there's a bk like a minute away
  • Hey Paul B., I was wondering if you got an answer to your question about re-using 20 year old Powell Peralta Rat Bones? I have an old set that has a black band made into the wheel. Does anyone know anything about these Rat Bones with a stripe in the middle of wheel and would it be a good idea to skate them?
  • i dont see why it woudnt be ok so just go for it and if they fall apart then u got ur answer
  • I got some Rat Bones NOS with the graffiti letters and the ride great.
  • Anyone have any ideas about a good wheel for performing on conrete? I mainly ride concrete bowls, not exactly ultra smooth concrete though. I want a wheel that gives a nice ability to slide but not to slick. I am currently riding Spitfire Park Burners and they are way to grippy. They suck. I dont care what brand people might suggest, I just want a fast semi slick wheel. Ideas??
  • get some stfs or a 101a wheel or maybe a atf wheel
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