What's gonna be "new & improved" for Graffitti Ripper???

New spring catalogue hints, but so far, no details...


  • Not liking the offset powell-peralta wording on it...
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    looks good
  • I added the deck with images on the web site recently, so you can view it now. It is on the same shape and concave as before.
    Sorry it took so long, I just got the updated graphic.

  • Thanks for the update. It looks awesome. Hoping it comes with a winged ripper on top, complete with his breathing mask!!!
  • OMG.. dont know how i missed this...love it looks great!!!
  • Is it possible to see an image of the top side of the deck?? Looks great
  • So when is this deck going to be available?? And what is the top graphic??
  • Should be a top graphic of gold winged ripper and is around 2 weeks away.
  • I just got my 9" graffiti new ripper reissue in today! Orange colors are very bright and look great btw! Blue and orange look great together (its a Gator thing!).

    image These pictures do not do the real thing justice!!
  • how is the shape of the deck? popsicle or a bit more to it?
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