Value of a pink mullen chessman?

It's pretty beat up though. Ive never seen one in hot pink.

On that same note, what is the value of a blue freestyle ripper deck?


  • post a pic of it.. pink ones are pretty valuble. could go either way.. are the graphics mostly intact?
  • yeah, graphics are semi-intact. you can still definitely tell it's a chessman. still kinda jacked up though. and it's not mine, its a friend's.

    the same friend also had a blue freestyle-ish shaped ripper, and i didn't know they made those until i saw his. any knowledge of them?
  • no.. didnt even know they existed..
  • does Chin have any info?
  • I'm pretty sure the blue Mullen chessboard decks are rarer than the pink ones.
  • Here is a picture of a pink mullen Chess deck.... Hard to tell this is even a chess deck due to all the stickers.... LOL. This deck is was Rodney's personal practice deck. I went to high school with him in 1984 and got the deck many years later. There were actually 2 of these that I know of... I have this one and a friend of mine (Bo) has the 2nd one (better condition) and also went to school with Rodney here in Gainesville.

  • Here is the top picture....


    ...I collect only ripper decks now... I just broke 100 this week... (yes it is a sickness...). A few pictures here of ripper stuff (a few of these are mine, but many are from collectors I met online
  • I got this blue mullen chess deck off ebay recently (May 2010) for $300. It had never been griped, but was far from mint.


    I traded it for a pink 10" ripper pig deck (its all about the rippers for me....)
  • Ripper schmipper, you can still get rippers in many shapes and sizes, now I love the Rip Man, got him on my back window, helmet and all over my buddies ramp but that Mullen graphic is so sick and getting harder and harder to find
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