Future Primitive

When will this deck be available? I noticed that its K15 concave as well.. does it have a kick nose like the ripper? Top Graphic?
now that you have the mini cubics in purple..this deck would look great with those wheels...
hmmmm.......... this could be a really cool cruiser this summer.


  • except 95a is shitty cruising hardness...lol
  • Careful though. At 9.265", even with 139's they might still stick out quite a bit.
  • ahhh....... true. all good points... damnit
  • Future Prim now available but what about the top graphic ? Kicknose?
  • Just saw the first one, and it looks very skateable. Kick nose like the Rippers. Top graphic is silver winged ripper.
    should be available now.
  • Nice!!! Thanks for the update brother!
  • I notice the shape has changed. Its now the same as the Cab Guitar dragon, looks awesome, totally skatable!!
  • nice.... good job
  • Yeah - A lot better
  • I think I liked the older school shape better. Still nice though. Ima still probably get one.
  • I agree cwalker.
  • Having seen one of these decks I noticed something right away. Once again, just like the skull and sword, the background graphics on this board dont exactly stand out to much. You can hardly see them from certain angles. I hope Powell never reissues a snakeskin skull and snake mcgill if they cant figure out how to make background graphics the way they used to be. It looks so lame.
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    Haven't seen it in person, but I can see the background ok in this picture.

  • Paul - Too Bad they don't make the ReIssues like the originals. Everything seems different - sizes, shapes, ect: That Limited Edition Skull & Sword (the one that was yellow) looked like I could have silkscreened the background in my garage. Definately not like the Powell-Peralta stuff back in the day, I don't care what anyone says - It's true.
  • Everything is different - fast forward twenty five years - better concave, lighter wood that doesn't delaminate, less toxic way of applying the image without stressing the wood as with most manufacturers - still made in Santa Barbara, still owned by George Powell and not some huge "surfing lifestyle" apparel corporation....

    No complaints here. Powell Peralta, mini logo, Bones, - tried and true skateboard company... thanks.
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    Check this photo out:


    You can only just make out the background graphics. I dont understand why they cant seem to make them pop out like they used to. Kind of defeats the purpose of having them there at all.
  • Back then it was screen printed and some what thicker.... now they just do heat transfers... they loose allot detail that way IMO
  • has anyone skated this on here? im curious. its growin on me now.. id rather skate this than my real lance mountain, and this shape is obviuosly better. hopefully we see a different colorway soon i might be more intrested in it then.
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