Tail Bones

Was thinking bout putting a tail bone on one of my old school decks to help extend the life of the tail. Havent used one in 20 years and was wondering if they make some tricks more difficult to pull off?? Anyone use one these days and if so do you notice your ability to ollie as high as usual is affected by it??


  • it would probably be annoying with tailslides
  • on the other hand, with the extra weight in the back your manuals will be easier :-)

    Think for the modern tricks the tailbone is not beneficial.
  • lol well i dont know about that but ur bottom statement is correct
  • they do affect ollies unless your rodney mullen ;) i dunno... i think you get better pop without one im pretty sure, i only have one on my
    lance mountain now, and i only use that deck for pools.
  • It's quite sad that we all just talk tech and equipment nowdays but surely the reason we still want to ride Powell Peralta and vintage shapes is that everyone has their own setup to their specific style/ability.

    I have never ridden a setup without risers and since I've got back into shaped decks, I use a tailbone on each one. I haven't found too much of a difference - I mean a tailbone can't weight more than a bar of chocolate at the most.
  • I use a tb as im the ultimate lazy fcker.. I dont need to bring the board up as much to pop one off as compared to poping them on a board that doesnt have one lol (yes, I know I know..)
  • i just like the way they look..honestly its pure old shcool, and they add color to the deck, as well as rails, jaw bone, etc.. if your gonna do it.. do it right. ;)
  • Powell now needs to reish mini ribs
  • Dr freedom you can find mini ribs all over the eblah... But why would you want to use them? Did you use them back in the day?
  • I want them for that authentic 80's look lol :)
  • Myren..if you didnt skate back in the 80's..you wouldnt understand. ;) and thats ok.
  • Nick I did skate way back in the '80's but must admit I never used the mini rails or nose bones. But I did have more then a few "Rip Grip" pads on the deck back then. Another great idea to make your board weigh over 20 pounds. And just though I would ask.

    And Dr. freedom cool. It has got to be hard to find all the plastic to match up now days as well. Also I am guessing they are for display boards? Or are you going to ride them?
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