Are these bearings still used?

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I came into a set of original Powell Peralta 90A Rat-bones in mint condition. These wheels are yellowed with a dark brown 1/4 " wide stripe made into the center of the wheel. Any ideas of this?

The bearings that were loaded have these markings: SINGAPORE Z809 NHBB all silver in color. Any information about these bearings would be appreciated. The retainer rings are metal, not sure if they come off.


  • Dude's I am bummed out that ya'll didnt bother to let me in on what was obvious the "stock bearings" info for your original Powell Peralta Rat-Bones 90A.

    Were ya'll too distant from the average skater in the 80"s to not know these bearings or since there are Bones bearings, you are not interested in helping one of those 1980's average skaters who has all but grown up, yet still prefer to work with the originals - it's about loyalty.

    So it Go.
  • the employees are always busy so they dont really have time to come on the forum and chit chat everyday
  • Fo real bro. give em some time to answer, not to mention that is a very tough question without a pic.
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    i think i got this..he is tryin to rap yall..let me translate

    "Were ya'll too distant from the average skater?"

    dont be a playa ha8ter sk8ter
    you could wind up being a wai8ter and girls dont like complainers
    or cedrrick the entertainer....peace im out...la8ter
  • Nice rhyme Nick!
  • Yo Nick,
    You own it bro. That's what I'm talking about!

    I suppose that I was somewhat of a whacked out jerk that day. I had a bad day at my work. I am trying to post up some photos. So that all of ya'lls talent can help.

    Again, sorry about the attitude.
  • No worries bro
  • yep. its all good ;) were all friends here bro.
  • Not too sure on that one, since a lot of shops made their own completes in the day and used whatever bearings they had at the time and the only time we made completes to sell was to get rid of inventory, and I'm pretty sure we used cheaper bearings and trucks just to off the product. I remember getting my Bones Swiss back in the day with a silver stamped shield and C clip but don't remember Bones Swiss in completes.
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