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Are 169s the only truck that is used for old school re-issues? the 9.5-10inch fishtail decks.


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    pretty much. you could TRY a 215, but thats REALLY pushing it, and there's significant sticking out of the truck and wheel.
  • Or 149's. Depends on the cut and the wheels you put on it. The pigs for example are wide all the way through, but if you want mini-cubics on there, you go with a 149.
  • tracker does still have trucks that are 9" wide however..they arent up to par from the old days. Indy is the best bet
    and still basicly the same truck from back then, you can always get a pair of old six tracks and re-drill if you REALLY
    want it done.. 2 much work for me.
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    Ace- they make bigger sizes, try some 55's. Google 'em, holmes.
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    I have Tracker Darts on my Pool/Park Set Up, they turn GREAT and are pretty light - they are almost 3 years old and have been bombproof thus far - I ride Independent's on my street set up but for the cement parks, those Dart's are hard to beat - IMO.
  • Man I gotta disagree on the Trackers, Compared to Indy they are the worst turning truck ever. They say trackers have a surfy feeling, that's cause you have to swing your whole body and bout lay the board on rail to turn. There is a reason that Indy has been the best for the last 30 years.
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