How is this setup?

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The red Mcgill skull/snake reissue, mini cubics, Indy 149s. No plastics.

Good stable ride for transition skating? Specifically bowls.


  • Good ride for ramps and bowls, only thing is those re issues have no concave and having ridden both I'll tell you concave helps! But yeah sick set up for nostalgic riding!
  • I concur...
  • once used to concave it is indeed pretty hard to go back to the flat ones
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    yep. agreed. i only use my mountain and vallely to cruise to 711. thats really about it. i dont like the mini cubics myself.. too big, and the g-bones are 2 heavy.
    rat bones 90a are nice and grippy but slow. but they are really stable for that deck and fit well "looks wise" in my opinion.. but yeah.. i skate bowls mostly now and
    i gotta say its REALLY hard to NOT have a kick nose.. i dont feel right without one now. In fact i rely on it to keep me on it when hitting corners in a pool.
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