Street Ripper Construction Info

Does anyone know what construction the New Skool Street Ripper is ??? I have read the construction info @skate one...and I can't determine which the Street Ripper is . Any help would be total GNAR.



  • what do you mean by construction..exactly.. other than being wood and 7ply.
  • Yeah it is 7 ply maple like the others I'm sure.
  • According to that link I would bet it is Tough Ply
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    K15 Consider this an upgrade that replaces the K10 concave. A double kick nose with deeper, smoother concave, longer wheelbase, concave kick on nose and tail and a scoop tail for a more secure foot placement without feeling trapped. A big boy version of the K12 allowing all terrain ripping with the stability of a longer wheelbase. Less wheel bite because the steeper concave goes out to the edge of the board.
    Maximum wheel base—15.75" Non symmetrical nose to tail.

    k-12 is usually on brite lites but of course there are some k12 boards that arent brite lites
  • Other than Ligament, I believe all the construction is the same now. If you want to call it tough ply or normal Powell construction. No more Super lites or Brite lites.
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