New Yellow/Purple Steadham

When is this model set to go into production at the factory? Also, will it be in the dip look a like that the McGill got?



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  • Should have the side rails painted. The Vallely and Steadham are the last ones up. Should be within a couple of weeks.
  • Hi,

    I see the steadham colorway is the rasta colorway now? Or, is it still the same colorway from the catalog?

  • Never mind, pretty obvious that the rasta Steadham is the offering this catalog. The Yellow/Purple colorway in the catalog caused me to book 3 from my local shop. It's too bad on the product switcheroo as I canceled my order. These multiple multi-colorways just don't do it for me.

    What gives with these switcheroos? This is the second time in the case of the steadham the catalog description hasn't matched the actual product.
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