What's the news on next batch of reissues?

I know it's a bit early...but anything new coming along? Any sneak peeks? =)


  • I 2nd the motion... How's the fall lineup looking? Is it gonna be a good X-Mas this year?
  • ripper clause says there might be if u learn 20 new tricks this year to please him
  • Lol...Deal! Going ol'skool brigade_bill!
  • Nothing for sure yet, still searching some ideas... any recommendations other than a bottle nose McGill, Hawk, Mullen, or Guerrero guys??? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller......

    Probably a new Ripper, Skull and Sword, and hot rod color scheme.
  • Full size Cab dragon and bats

    Blind ripper

    Something in pink
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    ^ Blind Ripper - Tasty!

    and FOR SURE the CAB & BATS Dragon on a full size or that Prototype shape


    Im requesting that if you guys do the Guerrero (AND YOU FOR SURE SHOULD, in my opinion) that it's Full Size like the original

    (and not that it wasn't cool) but not the "Mini" with the pointed nose

    Thats all - thank you.
  • How about Hawk or Future Primitive shapes with the 'Experimental' graphic?

    An OG Vato would be awesome - same color as what Stacy pulled out of the TV would be HOT!
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    I concur a full size dragon and bats in red or blue

    Lance Mountain Future Primitive!! In red or blue
  • skull and sword or ripper on a modern street shape aka 7.5 or 7.6
  • You skate them that small brigade_bill? Even for street I can't go below 8.
  • I like that Blind Ripper just make some shapes like it or the skull and sword but in 8.5 or 8.75 widths and wheelbases between 14.5 to 15 inches. The 9.2 and up sizes need only be in the re issue classic shapes. Yeah the ex graphics are cool I just like shapes like Welcome Skateboards and a few other companies are doing
  • haha yea did u think i was an old schooler? :P i started skating in the mid 90s
  • I'm an ol'skooler from the mid 80's... Just curious, how many ol'skool skaters do we have in da house?
  • 1984....

    Do the damn pink snakeskin Mcgill all ready!!!!!.... jeeezze, we only been asking for it a couple of years now..
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    ^ DARULE - my first board was a Vision Mark Gonzales - I believe that was 4th grade.. 1985 - 1986?? It's all pretty hazy at this point. That's when I started skating, I went through periods of my life when I skated more than at other times, but I have always had a set up since 85 or 86..

    and yeah, THE McGill IS LOOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGG Over due.
  • Blind ripper would be sweet.How about the Ban This Cab dragon and Jason Ellis Aussie flag plus another run of the Welinders.
  • @ bones4life & Phish_Sucks cool brothers!
  • Oh yeah, mos def the snakeskin McGill....Guerrero.......Mullen....Mountain FP....Vato Rat..... Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I'm sure we're all in the same boat. Oh yeah Hawk as if I had to say it!
  • C'mon Celtics dammit! Whoops wrong site ;)
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    "Blind ripper would be sweet.How about the Ban This Cab dragon and Jason Ellis Aussie flag plus another run of the Welinders. "

    man i been wanting that ellis aussie board ever since it came out! including the wheels i would be stoked as popcorn if that came back out! i think some moses itkonen decks need to come too..moses doesnt even have pro models out now (his last board sponsor was skull skates after he got the boot from powell but i havent seen any moses boards out for a few years i got 2 brand new moses viking "brigade" boards still in the shrink wrap) so im sure he would love a easy pay day 2010 is the year of change so lets see some mid to late 90s reissues
  • Hmm... Jason Ellis would be a cool idea. He could really pimp it too on his show, and he seems up for a quick buck too. I bet there would be some interest there.

    Brigade_bill - I skate new school street boards too, but I can't go below 8. I never really skated with anyone who uses a 7.5 (well, anyone over 5 feet tall - no offense of course!).
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    haha the widest size i skate is 7 7/8
  • Yeah I've been skating since 84 or 85 but I ride modern shapes with dual kick. I do however like some shape to my pool/vert boards but still in 8.5 or so range. My biggest issue is I don't like trucks over 149's the feel to wide when grinding.
  • How about a collage deck with all the classic powell logos and graphics (Dragons, ripper, vato rat, Chin, Hawk skull,Mullen chess etc) on an 8 - 8.5.
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