Welinder Setup



  • Needs must though Nick..... Up to now only the trucks and ribs etc have gone as I split it all up if the deck doesn't sell this week I'll count it as a sign and keep it buddy. ;-) 

  • I'm loving the clear tape on the white deck, there was something about that look back in the day that I loved.  Full clear, stickers under it.  
  • Thanks Chris, like Nick said I know I will be wounded if it sells. :-(

  • they should sell die cut grip for those top graphics
  • Yes they should..
  • Agreed! Unfortunately even the die cut gip for the vintage Welinder boards didn't compensate for the money bumps, so it looks awkward. I would have liked to have had a bit more rail showing but I did what I could. The blue under the grip tape is also brighter than the blue in the graphic on the bottom and I almost like the brighter blue better. 
  • I've since meticulously touched up the grip with an exacto to make everything more symmetrical and to reveal the airbrushed edges a tiny bit more. 
  • Are they black wheels or purple?..my old man eyes can't tell
  • their purple g bones.. I like the bigger diameter for cruising. They obviously blacken a bit when their dirty but the sides of them are still the real purple. 
  • Got a NOS Pink Street 2 up on eBay at the moment if anyone is interested.
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