Mini-Logo Wheels for Newbie

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Any advice for which Mini-Logo wheels I should get as a new skater? I'll just be re-learning the basics of skating after 20 years off, so I'll want something that works for that purpose, but that will also progress with me. A good, all-around wheel, I guess.



  • cant go wrong with 53mm
  • Thanks. What about durometer and width?
  • i love the 101a it is the hardest wheel and widths i say would be whatever the wheel comes with lol
  • Would 101a's be too hard for a beginner? Sorry for all the amateur-ish questions, but the last board I skated was a Tommy Guerrero in 1988! Things have changed.
  • na i think it would be fine because the softer the wheel the more it flatspots and 101a wheels last a long time
  • i would personally recommend a bit softer of a wheel since your just getting back in to skating and probably wont be doing any type of sliding that would wear the wheels down. if your going to skate parks only you can get away with a harder wheel unless your parks has cracks all over it. if your going to be riding all different conditions go with a 90-95 dero wheel so that you can ride on rougher terrain with out a problem. if your riding a reissue board look at the Ratbones for a good all around wheel in a 90a.
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