Just a reminder Mike V's Glory Bound tour kicks off in 8 days! Including skate icon Duane Peters, Bill Danforth, Kristian Svitak, Ben Raybourn and Cyril Jackson. Starts on July 18 in Mesa, Arizona and ending in Simi Valley, California on August 18. Here's the link to check tour stops http://mikevallely.com/glory-bound-tour/


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    yea ill be at the charm stop
  • No love for Florida.

    South Florida has been a skating hot spot since.....well, since I started skating back in 85. Yet most tours tend to avoid Florida, and if they do come here they stay on the West Coast. Oh wait....the Swatch Watch Tour did come to Miami in like 88. But that was pretty lame....all though I did get to meet a pre-murder Gator. But I had my brand new silver Lance Mountain Crest stolen.
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    ^ Pre-Murder Gator - LMAO

    I can't wait to see Bill Danforth - that guy is TOTALLY, TOTALLY under rated. No disrespect to the other guys but Bill brings it every time with a ton of style.
  • Earlier today, Mike V announced that he has left Element and started his own independent skateboard company named ‘By The Sword Skateboards.’ Hell Yeah!! Do or Die Mike!!
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    thanks for the news i blogged it on thegsn.info
  • ^Yessir, via Twitter bro..

    "Missed Mike V's big announcement on Twitter earlier today? Click here to get in the know: http://bit.ly/9fVPK1"
  • it was posted on the transworld site definitely stoked about this i think indie companies are going to be the new thing
  • No prob brother! I hear you brigade_bill on the indie company's rising ... finally claiming there slice of the pie again.
  • yep looks like i started my brand at the right time haha
  • Mike Vallely's new road - ESPN http://es.pn/d8CVKM
  • thanks ill give u a shoutout in my blog
  • Mike V has posted a few, behind the scenes photos of the "DIY or DIE" decks. Check it out-... http://fb.me/z1HHI2mm
  • yea i been keeping up with it from their distribution website and been posting the info over at thegsn.info
  • Mike V Speaks On Quitting Element And Forming By The Sword: http://bit.ly/aJjoBw
  • im really stoked on him leaving element he needs to take a few others with him
  • @brigade_bill:
    What's wrong with Element ? They don't seem to be too bad as a company ...
    Personally I think Mike V is just not the kind of guy to be doing the same stuff too long, he needs change every so many years. For example, he stopped 'Revolution Mother'too to start a new band.
  • because as much money as they make u would think they would make their boards here
  • MONDAYS WITH MIKE V episode #14. Get a run down of Mike's busy week leading up to the Glory Bound Tour: http://bit.ly/dbJcyF
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    Mike V Glory Bound Tour Shirts Are Now Available Online: http://bit.ly/ahCkMR
  • "There is no new school/old school anymore. Skateboarding is skateboarding. Anything goes in the name of fun. Get hip to it or take a hike!!" - via Mike V.

  • MIKE V IS EVERYWHERE - Photos from Glory Bound Tour stop in Baltimore & Mike V makes the top 25 legendary skaters list: http://bit.ly/dD4QGH
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