Ripper on my ramp

I have a 2ft quarter pipe I'm making...anyone know where I can get a huge ramp sticker of the Ripper? Or an easy way to get the Ripper on my ramp? Decal? Stencil?



  • yea u could stencil it they had some ripper stencils but they ran out of them
  • Wow, solid advice, bill. :?

    Depends on how creative you can be. I guess you could take a sticker, blow it up on a xerox machine, and make a big stencil. That'd be pretty rad. Good luck, man!
  • thanks i think or u can just put ripper stickers all over it
  • Maybe a real skeleton will rip through your ramp. Be quick with the camera so you can share with everyone.

    Haw, haw, haw....
  • Send me a picture of your ripper ramp when you GetRdone...

    Maybe you can get Powell to borrow their big trade show banner....?

    here is the top of a car that someone must have used a big stencil for... image

    I think these guys just did their ripper by freehand image and here is the closeup image

    JC...a friend of mine is trying to get the big ripper logo added to his pool table felt... might make for a cool poker table logo IMHO.

    one more wall one image

    You might get some other ripper art ideas from my photobucket site here: Art/?start=all
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    id shit myself if i had that banner and there's ramp master pete!
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