Mr Frankie Hill's new vid!!

The man is back! I have spoken to him personally and he would love to ride for Powell Peralta again.
To all the Frankie hater's and the "he sued Powell!!" crowd, check out his Facebook page and read what HE
has to say on the subject.


  • It's awesome to see him back on a board. He was always the anti-Barbee. Just flat out sloppy and sketchy, but I loved watching his vid parts.
  • ~ via Larry Ransom ~
    Check this video out -- Frankie Hill documentary trailer…
  • it is also on his website as well
  • Always one of my favorite skaters, and he's still throwing down. He's throwing down big street tricks and he's almost 40.

    Lance was always my #1 a legend and goofy as all shit.

    Ray was the technical guy, the one who had the smoothest foot work.

    And Frankie was simply the sickest, he would destroy his body doing anything. I remember when he missed some time because he broke his collar bone trying a McTwist on a miniramp.

    But the common thread is they simply LOVED skating. Today's skaters seem too into landing a specific trick or having perfect form, they treat it like a job. Those guys simply had fun and didn't care if they were sketchy, or were doing something that wasn't popular....or something that was popular years before. They progressed the sport, but at the same time they didn't try to fit into any mold. To me that's what skating is all about. Today I don't care what the kids are doing, or what style is popular. I just want to have fun and enjoy the freedom that skating gives me.
  • Amen to that brother!
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