Independent 149 Matte Black

Check out these bad boys 149 Matte Black


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    So pretty... Up until that first grind!

    I've been using Theeve's. Their black is more of a powder coat - it holds up real well. And they make a 149 now. They turn amazingly. And Bones bushings are stock!
  • True, thanks for the feedback cwalker3. Are they lighter than the Indy's or about the same?
  • Theeve makes a 'CSX' which is their low end, and a 'TiAX' which is a higher end with a titanium axle. Both are lighter than Indy - the TiAX noticeably so. I've ridden Indy since '85, but I'm a Theeve convert at this point. I still love Indy too.
  • Ahh, now I gotta try a set. Thanks bro.
  • The local shop had a set of Theeves and Indys- the Indys felt lighter. Just sayin...

    But yeah, your gonna have to change those bushings in the Indys to Bones anyway...
  • I took a Theeve TiAX 149 and an Indy 149 and blind lifted them each 10x - I picked the Theeve every time. Did you hold a TiAX or CSX? I still find the CSX marginally lighter.

    All that said, does a few ounces make a difference? Don't know, don't care. I'm all about the turning and grinding, and they do both great.

    Theeve has a lot of hype out there, but I'm just a skater. I can tell you for sure the TiAX is lighter than Indy, and they turn a million times better. I've been known to break/bend a non-Indy truck though - so we'll so how they hold up over the long haul. Like I said, I still love Indy. And hey, decent competition is good for everyone.
  • With all the pads I skate with, a couple ounces in the trucks sure doesn't make a difference. Plus, bigger wheels, no flip tricks, 9" deck... Yeah, not really concerned with weight.

    I'm not gonna ride Theeve, but yeah, if you like 'em, go get you some!
  • NEW Independent 139 Forged HOLLOW Axle and Kingpin Anodized Gold
  • Those look nice. I'd be worried about a hollow axle though - I've bent solid Indy axles.
  • all these truck co's need to chill out on weight and just make trucks that turn properly and are sturdy. I'm all for new metals, notice I said METAL, screw this carbon fiber bullshit. AS long as a truck truns right I'm good with it.
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  • Yeah, my Theeve's are super light, but I just care about the turning, how they grind, and how they last. I ordered a Graffiti Ripper and it will be a tank with either Indy's or Theeve's...
  • Indys are classic, look great on old school decks, and once the garbage stock bushings are replaced they do their job. But for the 8" popsicles I skate its thunder or tensor. Both grind well and are lighter. There is a noticeable difference in weight.
  • I'm thinking of getting Theeves cause they have an 8.25 width, that is the one thing Indy is missing. Nick Thunder are ok but I have found that Tensor grind and turn like crap, but they are stable as hell and light as a babies fart!
  • "stable as hell and light as a babies fart!" haa haa
  • tensors are atrocious
  • they are stable, and light, and ive never had a problem with them grinding at all... and rodney mullen invented them. and..he's god. the end.
  • haha well not everything mullen invents is good :P
  • yes Mullen is an insane skater and is responsible for modern style skating more or less but he is far from God and probably not the best guy to invent a truck that turns well since most of his skating is linear. Like I said though for ollie and manual tricks they are super stable. I can ollie a good 6 inches higher on Tensors than my Indy's but there is no way I could carve a bowl or ride a ramp on Tensor's.
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    ok you win. his skating is linear, il give you that, and i brought 2 completes to the park today one had tensors the other had thunders both with a new set of bones bushings. and truth be told.. the thunders were way better. there is a difference.
  • You gotta try Theeve Nick. I'm telling you - best turners out there.
  • yea u cant expect too much out of a dwindle company
  • I wouldn't put Dwindle at the top of my list, but they make some 'OK' stuff, and they have some insane teams. I don't buy 'OK' stuff though, unless it's dirt cheap on clearance.
  • do they make theeve in 8" or 8.5"?
  • Yes and yes. And 7.5, 7.75, and 8.25. Skatewarehouse is good place to buy - they don't charge for colors. Like I said above, the colors are sort of powder coated, so it's more durable than plain old paint.
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