Installing a Jawbone on an Old School Deck

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I just picked up a DP reissue deck (his first design from 1980 for SC - red w/black stripes) and bought a Jawbone to install. I have installed nose guards before, but never a jawbone. Do I want to install it right at the edge of the deck or slightly inside as to avoid having the screws right at the edge of the nose. Any suggestions? I also bought 1/2' wood screws to use so I can avoid drill holes through the top of the deck.


  • Do it just inside the nose, like you would rails. Prob have the edge 1/4 inch or so away from the edge of the nose.
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    yeah that will work.. i actually put mine a little closer to the nose than that, it seems to line up with the rails better, personal preference i guess.. the main thing is this.. make sure you line the jaw bone up correctly.. take your time with lining up the holes, if your off just a little bit it will buckle and because they are hollow it will buckle outwards like a bubble. dont put any un nessacary stress on it let it lay just like it does flat. ive made this mistake a few times and lined it up with it bent inward, it does not come out as expected.use wood screws first if you need to in order to ensure its flat and not buckled if sucks.
  • and make sure u dont put ur hand on it or the jaw will eat ur hand
  • good point bill..thats also true.
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