What is S.O.C.

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I recently purchased a Tony Howk skateboard at a yard sale. On the top and bottm it says Tony Hawk Birdhouse Projects 1983 s.o.c., no where does it say powell peralta, but also no where does it say re-issue. So is this a re-issue or an original?


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    SOC stands for skate one corporation. however.... birdhouse was certainly not around in 1983. my guess is that the graphic be be similar to a powell graphic? he did release the chicken skull graphic on birdhouse in a limited run on a popsicle shape in the late 90's. what does the graphic look like? describe it.. whats the shape.. better yet.. post a pic of tha damn thing.. now im curious!
  • 1983 => is when the birdman turned pro, Birdhouse definitely not around at that time :-)
    s.o.c. => 'skater owned company'
  • haha i dig the new soc meaning
  • ha ha.. 2 bad george powell dosent skate...... or..... does he?...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • i got a photo of him cruising a hill on a longboard with his dog
  • hehe, though I think Per or Tony probably skate, don't they :-)
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