McGill Shape

Ok, so I've been waiting and waiting for the old McGill Skull and Snake shaped board from the mid-late 80's. Obviously Mikie has ok'ed PP to release his deck but, I'm not going to open my wallet until that shape accompanies it.

- still waiting


  • workin on it!
  • Are you talking about the bottlenose shape, or the later squared off nose shape?
  • If I remember correctly, It's the squared off nose. It had the snake skin in the background. Would love to add it to all my other reisue collection.
  • I had that board, got it when it was hard to find any
    wide old school decks back in the 90s, rode it alot -was
    a cool shape I thought
  • hey sign into yahoo dork!!!! i added u to yahoo the other day but u havent been signed onto it lol
  • sorry dude, I'm kind of clueless, r u talkin' about
    yahoo messenger? I just have time (barely enough)
    to check my email:

    ps how did the contest/bowl go off @ Charm City this weekend?
  • the contest was rad! ben hatchell tore it up like always (he has been coming here alot) and the bowl is ride-able it should be done atleast within the next 3 weeks and yea im talking about yahoo messenger lol
  • i got a photo of the bowl for u
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