This is really lame.....

I'm sure some of the guys at Powell have seen this and I hope they are in the process of shutting them down.

C&D Powell "tribute" decks.



  • I smell a law suit 
  • Who would by that ? Real PP fans wouldn't bother I guess ...
  • I don't get it. I see the old PP ad, but what are they selling? What decks are they "reproducing"?
  • I'll be honest.....If they are reproducing the decks pictured in that ad, most notably the silver dip Mountain crest. I'd buy it. If neither Lance or PP are going to reproduce it, but someone else is illegally and it looks good, I would hang it on my wall.

    I mean, go look on eBay, there are thousands of PP stuff on there that people made in their basements. There are a ton of Mountain FP shirts that are clearly not PP shirts. But depending on how they are made, I'd buy one.....but I suspect they are iron ons anyway.
  • Yeah im with chris on this one.. its unclear what decks they are doing.. and seriously if they did re produce the mountain crest and it looked good and was original shape id probably buy it to hang on the wall. i agree 100% if its crap quality not intrested but if its done right.. im in.
  • Don't realy understand why somebody who realy likes PP stuff would hang a fake board on his wall...
  • well.. re -issues are not originals. in a way they are "fakes" granted they are still made by the company that originally made them, they are not originals. I agree.. i would much rather have a re-issue lance mountain crest by powell than one done by another company. but lets face it lance isnt signing off on that graphic and if the bottom graphic is almost 100% true to the original and i want it to complete my collection, it would like nice hanging there for $60.00 bucks instead of the $800.00 id have to shell out for an original.
  • Exactly. I mean, obviously guys like Nick and myself would LOVE to see Powell Peralta reissue specific decks that WE want, but in many cases that isn't going to happen. While I would rather give my money to PP, I will gladly give my money to ANYBODY who reproduces a deck I want as long as it is as close to original as possible. If it's the same shape, same colorway, same design, then I will buy it.

    Just like the Tshirts, I have been hoping to see the flammable bones shirts reissued, but I don't think it's going to happen. So if someone out there makes a good reproduction, silk screen, not some cheap iron on.....I will buy it. As "loyal" as I am to Powell Peralta, I am more loyal to the things I want. If PP isn't going to provide it, then I'll get it from someone else. Obviously the closer to 100% another company gets, the more they expose themselves to a lawsuit. But I'm thinking that a company that calls itself "cease and desist" isn't really all that worried about being sued.

    Maybe that makes me part of the problem, of fakes and non-authorized repros, but hey if it's the only way I can get something, then I will go that route. I am willing to spend top dollar for an original silver dip Mountain Crest.....but they are almost impossible to find.

    If nothing else, things like this show companies like PP that there is a huge market for reissued decks. I am aware of the road blocks in the way, artists signing off, rider signing off, contracts, deciding if the cost to get all those approvals and producing the product will be justified by sales, ect. But seeing how much originals sell for on eBay and craigslist.....and seeing how much the out of print reissues are selling for, that should be some kind of indication that they would sell a ton of them. If people are shelling out hundreds of dollars for an original, I am sure PP could sell a boat load of reissues at $60 a pop. Most of us want 2 of each anyway, 1 to ride and 1 to hang.
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