Original Deck or Re-Issue?

I recently purchased a Tony Howk skateboard at a yard sale. The bottom graphic looks EXACTLY like the Tony Hawk's "Mini Hawk Skull."

My deck graphic has a Hawk Skull with a Red Iron Cross behind it on a Silver background. Under the image, it says "Tony Hawk" in red letters with a white shadow background. Under "Tony Hawk" it says "Birdhouse Projects 1983 s.o.c." in black. To the right of "Tony Hawk" in green print it says "Stuntman Size".

The top graphic just says "Tony Hawk" in red letters with a white shadow background all against a natural background. To the right of "Tony Hawk" in green print it says "Stuntman Size". Under "Tony Hawk" it says "Birdhouse Projects 1983 s.o.c" in black.

The shape of the deck however differs slightly. Mine is more of the more modern style, with the front nose kick equaly high as the rear tail kick. The deck is 8.75" wide.

Nowhere on the deck, top or bottom, does it say "Powell Peralta", but also nowhere does it say "Re-Issue". So is this a re-issue or an original?


  • It looks EXACTLY like this deck (first image on second row) on this link:


    The link provided says it's a 1995 Birdhouse. So, what is it? Is it still a re-issue Powell, or an original Birdhouse? Or is it still a vintage re-issue, or is it just a vintage Birdhouse? And is it worth anything? Can anyone tell me about the Birdhouse 1995 Tony Hawk?
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    i had that board it is a tony hawk birdhouse but he used his old powell graphic for it but he had to pay powell some royalty money for it the board was a 7.75 it came out in 1995
  • yup. thats what i thought you were talking about.
  • I dunno, but it's not a Powell anything. It's a Birdhouse something.

    As I said in one of the 7 other threads, it's worth 1 million dollars.
  • yea it is an original birdhouse but with tony's pp graphic but it was a gnarly board to have
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    in the 90s pros would release "stuntman"boards which meant it was the exact board that the pro used so save it cause it is vintage and will be worth something at some point
  • will it be worth 1 million dollars? at some point? ;)
  • haha i dont know about all that
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    Shit I'll pay a million right now! Hit me up at www.wtfuthinking.duh
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