VCJ creating NEW ART?

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An open letter to Mr. Powell and Mr. Peralta;

I know that Powell Peralta & VCJ parted ways on bad terms, but man do we need him back. The new "Animal Chin", "Skull & Daggers", and other pro model designs just don't cut it. They look like some cheap generic things my parents would have bought me from Walmart when I was a kid... something I would have been embarrassed to ride in front of my friends. I realized the world has changed since then, but I believe that kids still want that cool factor that separates their decks from the crap sold at major retail chains.

I also understand that some of you like the new designs, so before you blast me, take a moment to think about it... There is a reason that over 20 years later, the old Powell Peralta boards are considered classics... that reason is VCJ. His designs were ICONIC, yet playful without being cheesy. Lets just face it... without VCJ, the Powell Peralta brand would have never been as strong.

So please listen George & Stacy... If you are going to bring back the Powell Peralta brand, do it right... bury the hatchet with VCJ and start creating future classics!

PS... It looks like a "heat transfer" was used on the latest Vallely deck. Please don't stop silk-screening the Re-issue decks... I know it's cheaper to use the transfers, but not only do screened decks look better, it makes each one a one-of-a-kind work of art.

A looong time loyal fan


  • as long as my skull and sword stay around im set
  • i agree. but the reality is.. that probably wont happen, at least not full time. the best we can hope for is a limited run of decks completed by him that will be on pre order basis only and sell out in 5 minutes, only to be worth 3x as much in a year.if they did it right.. they would offer a limited run of the new pro model decks... hoffart,bartie and cab in style of the old school art method on new school shapes. thats just my opinion.
  • sounds right to me
  • Candy Coat it ALL you want - The New stuff is F*****g Horrible

    it's a joke, did Powell Peralta hire the artist from Valterra or Nash? It's gotta be one of the two
  • do the graphics really matter on a board that much!?!? There was a reason for it in the 80's cause decks had shape and each pro tended to have their own shape so naturally they had a graphic. Now with popsicles and most riders rocking a "team" or generic graphic what is the point? I agree that ALL of the old 80's graphics need to be released in their original glory on the original shapes as well as popsicles and hybrids in all sizes, hell go all out and do custom order sizes, but as far as VCJ coming back to do new stuff I doubt he would have much interest considering the lack of style and soul in modern boards.
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    You're right Nirvana007... the new designs DO remind me of Valterra, Nash or a knock off of a real Powell Peralta deck.

    Do you remember that scene from the Animal Chin video where Stacy is watching TV and the news reporter is interviewing the corporate schmuck who really doesn't get what skateboarding culture is about? Well... these designs make me think they used that guy as a consultant on the new products. I keep waiting for Stacy to bust open his TV and pull out a REAL Powell Peralta skateboard with VCJ art!!!
  • VCJ is still doing skateboard art, on decks that are screen printed- For Pocket Pistols. Plus, PPS decks pretty much rule, great wood, graphics, team... Just sayin...
  • "one man's trash is another man's treasure" - I actually like the graphics -I would
    like to see more skateboarding images for/on deck graphics: ollies, inverts, airs,
    etc... Unique art for a unique "sport", instead of "artsy" "messages" like on so many
    other board companies' wood.
  • YES... Graphics on a skateboard DO matter! Art in general matters... If it didn't then bands wouldn't have logos or album covers, countries wouldn't have flags, T-shirts wouldn't be printed on, etc... Art on a deck is a way to identify with not only the brand, but the pro who rides the deck. Images on skateboards is what attracted me (and many others) to skateboarding in the first place. If you take away the graphics it would be just bland and boring. Might as well just start slapping numbers on the decks like team jerseys... generic! As DP once said: "I started skating because it wasn't a sport."
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    And yes, zeno01... The Pocket Pistols decks VCJ designed are great! However... Those designs really did remind me of Powell Peralta decks just because there is such a strong association with him and that company. Although I think he still could contribute a hell of a lot to skateboard culture (notice I didn't say industry) I'd be happy just seeing new illustrations from him in any form...

    Perhaps we should start an online petition for him to release a nice coffee table book of his art???
  • I think the problem is that these days the Powell Peralta brand is kind of almost a side project in the great scheme of things when it comes to Skateone. I mean Skateone must make most of its money from all the Bones and Mini Logo products. I think their graphic decks seem to be last in the pecking order when it comes to marketing.
  • Zeno that is true that he does work for PPS but they are not like SOC and seem to give more freedom in shapes and graphics for boards. Look at Flip, Anit-Hero, Deathwish and 99% of all other modern co's, lame graphics thrown on good wood sells fine so they are not going to buck the trend. I am all for art and everything like that and yes graphics were what attracted me to a certain board back in the 80's but now I see that the true art of skating is not from the drawings on your board but from the lines you draw on the concrete!
  • "yes graphics were what attracted me to a certain board back in the 80's but now I see that the true art of skating is not from the drawings on your board but from the lines you draw on the concrete!"

    I could not agree more noskool. very well said, and its true i love powell peralta because of what it stands for and the timeless graphics and culture, etc.. but the reality is most kids today
    just dont buy a deck because of the pro it represents.they buy it because it looks cool to a certain extent but from what i see they may like a company like girl or creature but if they watched
    a video like fully flared and they thought marc johnson's part was sick they most likely arent going to search out his pro model. they just want to skate like him, they dont care if its his graphic and quite honestly people wouldnt recognize or care if it was because graphics change monthy and even weekly nowadays. It really is about the tricks. case in point.. i was at the skatepark a week ago and ther was a kid there ripping and he was landing 360 flips over a 5 stair and he was probably 17 years old. we chated briefly and i asked him who his favorite skater is and he said... " um... i dont really have one" if you asked me or anyone else on this forum that grew up during the mid 80"s we would happily have a prepared list of favorites and why.
  • A VCJ book would be pretty cool. I do think his best work was with Powell Peralta.
  • yeah there is such a blurred line between pro, am and now everything is about video parts, kids do not seem to have the pro fascination we had so hence the decline in well thought out graphics, but as I said it doe snot really matter to me cause all you see from the top is grip. I do however dig VCJ's art and think it is great for collectable and hanger boards but probably not sustainable for companies on a large scale run of popsicles made in china.
  • When I grew up we didn't have graphics.....We had STICKERS !!!
  • He should do a book .. think about how many people out there have a ripper tattoo on themselves even, a book would simply compliment all his fine work.

    Then again when you think about it.. he would have thought of this already.
  • love my ripper tattoo. =)
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