deck design, pt 2

Ok, Ok, so I set up an old vato rat from the 90s, only I
drilled a new longer wheelbase for it, so it got me thinking,
again... I saw on Skull & Bones where the new catalogue's
gonna have a pool ripper that's 10" wide, which I believe's the
same shape as the pool bomb from a few years ago. I'm gonna
try it out, but what I'd REALLY like to see is a deck just like
the hot rod flames @ 9.375 x 33.75, but with a REAL pulled in,
very tapered nose like those 90s vato rats -also, I'd like to see the
rosebones longboard with about 2.50" taken from the middle, same
nose & tail, same concave, just some length taken out for tighter parks,
maybe 33.5-75 long. I'd like to R&D some decks like these!
ps I did try the skull & sword, but it was just a little too short
& wide for my picky feet, even though the measurements seemed


  • is that the one with the rats chilling above the pool tile and the background was like orange/sunset
  • oh yea i emailed u a few weeks ago but never got a reply lol charm built a new bowl it is almost done! benji galloway is helping to make looks really good! i think u would love to skate it! it is 4 feet tall
  • hey Bill, for some reason I never got your email, could be
    wasn't paying enough attention - thanx for the heads up about
    the Charm City bowl, is it gonna be crete? I been skating the
    Greenbelt park alot, Olney & lancaster once too; went to
    Bowie last Thur for 1st time in a long time, & that freakin'
    pool crippled my ankles the next day - geez that's got a harsh
    trannie to it (Grindline?)!!!
    anyway, yeah, you're right about the orange/sunset background
    & chillin rats/pool tile, though the graphics are pretty much
  • na it wont be concrete it will be wood painted blue (they want it to resemble a pool) and yea i remember that graphic it is sick...the bowl has a hip and it will have a little escalator thing (u grind from one part then u grind down into a lower part) the email was from
  • that's weird, I don't remember seein' thrasherbill46,
    wonder if it went to bulk & got deleted? (I still check
    there too usually) anyway, I'll keep a lookout for ya
    next time - any idea when the pool will be there? I remember
    skating there long time ago when they had that other wooden
    bowl, that attatched spine-wise to mini, why'd they ever
    tear that down anyway?
  • i meant to say bowl will be done, instead of pool, mind's
    playing trix on me... did ya ever skate the old cheap skates
    wooden bowl in PA years ago that had the pool coping &
    escalator? that was pretty fun, tight trannies like a pool,
    but nowhere near as harsh as Bowie!
  • the bowl should be done by may 4th (since there is a comp on that day) it probably went into junk mail,they tore it down because the transitions were crappy and they change the park up every few months,na i always hated traveling and just recently in the past 2 years i realized i hated traveling because it was always with family and never with friends lol so im all about traveling now but i do remember cheapskates though do u have any im programs or na? i have msn and aim and yahoo messenger
  • got work & a wedding May 4, but may try & hit it the
    next night or 2 - that YORK park should be getting done
    hopefully soon as well, a friend told me looks like things
    r starting to happen w/that - I just have yahoo, & it's usually
    no problemo, although my girlfriend just had trouble w/her
    mailbox not being able to send email out - on another note,
    the new CONCRETE WAVE just came in the mail today, & the
    POWELL CLASSIC ad w/Steve Steadham in the Vans Combi is
  • niiiiiiiice yea charm got in 2 powell old school boards (ripper and the new skull and sword) alright ill add u to yahoo then
  • pa cheap skates is still arounnd just no more park
  • Sean Miller (RIP) used to rule that vert ramp

    On the subject of decks, a friend flowed me a
    Flip Lance Mountain (w/the crest), which, when
    I set it up is pretty nice - but it's still got more
    nose than tail, & the concave matches the wheelbase
    (16") too exactly to mess w/ - Long story short, I'm
    back on my trusty HOT ROD FLAMES Powell Classic!
  • flip boards are wack
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