Lance flat out rips!

and to go along with it their happens to be a good art exhibit up in Redlands, CA...


  • ben did you have an exhibit there?
  • Nick - I contributed one piece to the show. Love and Guts is Pat Ngoho's hard work and efforts. He has taken it to different venues all over the place.
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    Its great to see Lance still ripping it up.. makes me feel 20 years younger, also makes me wanna get out & rip too :D

    I wish we had this sorta thing happen down here.. it would be huge
  • It's still pretty cool Ben for you to be a part of that.. thats awesome! and yeah Dr Freedom.. i hear ya, i gotta be honest im skating better now than when i was a kid. i really couldnt be happier with the tricks ive learned recently, gotta keep pushin. its the only way..;)
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